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5 Things to Help Lower Your Energy Bill

Lower your energy bill with these 5 tips

In addition to the financial benefits associated with converting your home to solar power, there are a number of energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions you can try to lower your monthly energy bill. Especially during the summer months, trying to curb your energy consumption can seem like an uphill (if not one-sided) battle, but even the heat can be managed with a few new habits. If you are hoping for year-round savings or just looking to stay cool, here are five tips:

  1. Use your major heat-generating appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, at night. When used during daylight hours, these appliances force your air conditioning to compensate for the excess heat produced, causing your energy use to increase considerably. Try to hold off on washing clothes and/or dishes until 7 pm at the earliest. Of course, handwashing items may not be practical for every occasion, but it does eliminate these issues, so consider trying it if you have time to spare.
  2. When preparing meals, try cooking with an appliance that requires less energy than a conventional oven. For example, slow cookers, toaster ovens, electric skillets, and even your trusty microwave can help reduce your energy use and still get the job done well. Take advantage of these appliances whenever possible.
  3. During the hot stretches of the year, substitute electric and (if necessary) overhead/ceiling fans for air-conditioning. Though millions of people have become dependent on A.C., it is not always the most practical cooling option, particularly for Nevada residents. Placing small electric fans in your family room, bedroom, and kitchen, as well as shutting doors and vents to areas of the house you do not plan on visiting, concentrates the cool air to your immediate location and reduces waste.
  4. Check for air leakage throughout your home. Even minor cracks or openings along your house’s exterior can allow warm air to enter and rapidly affect the overall temperature. By repairing holes with caulking and/or weather-stripping and inspecting your home’s insulation several times a year, you can resolve energy-draining inconveniences before they become serious, costly issues.
  5. Maintain clean air conditioning units, from the filters to the coils. Regularly replacing or cleaning A.C. filters ensures that your system will be operating to its fullest potential; severely obstructed or deteriorated filters can force your air conditioning to consume roughly 10% more energy every time you use it. Don’t fall behind on your filtration!

Cooper Roofing & Solar has been serving the Las Vegas area since 1976, and our team of technicians is trained to handle projects ranging from decking to skylights to solar installation to roof repair. If you are searching for a better plan to beat the heat, give us a call, and we can provide an estimate on going solar. There is no time like the present; be independent and take control of your utility bills, especially with a federal tax rebate.

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