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A New Toy from Santa?

SolarTruck10Well, not exactly a “toy,” and not just one. They’re actually sophisticated pieces of equipment –conveyor trucks specifically designed to deliver and load modules for solar systems, otherwise known as solar panels.

You don’t get to be the leader and most-trusted roofing contractor in Southern Nevada by sitting on your hands and letting the world, and technology, pass you by. You’ve got to stay on the forefront of the industry.

That’s why Cooper Roofing & Solar is unveiling these newest additions to our fleet – perfect for getting our men and materials where they need to be and for getting modules in place. But without the transport and maneuverability issues that heavy equipment presents to accomplish the same tasks. The video below shows how easy and effortlessly they work!

These are all a part of Cooper Roofing & Solar’s commitment to our customers. We’re consistently investing in new technology and investigating new ways of doing things in order to provide better, faster and higher quality service, increasing the value we provide.

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