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A Wish Is Granted

Make-A-Wish2It wasn’t the biggest. It wasn’t the most complicated. It wasn’t the most high-profile. But last week Cooper Roofing & Solar completed a very fulfilling project.

The Nevada Subcontractors Association recounts the story on its website. A local family whose daughter suffers from a severe form of an extremely rare disease needed a new air conditioner.

On June 16, 2015 the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Nevada reached out to the Nevada Subcontractors Association. A family that lives here in Las Vegas had a very important wish that they were looking to have granted…The family has lived in their home for over 15 years, and although they had made efforts to repair the air conditioner, they were unable to get it to work… By Wednesday, June 24th, NSA Members Cooper Roofing & Solar and Sierra, LLC were at the home, removing the non-working AC unit, repairing the roof, and installing a brand new AC unit for the family.

A representative from Make-A-Wish stated that most wishes take four to six months before they can be granted. This one took less than 10 days.

A Cooper Roofing & Solar crew removed the roofing material at and around the AC run. They also helped the AC techs move the old unit out of the way. During this time we replaced one of the sheets of plywood that had become damaged over the years.

We cleaned the area, re-installed underlayment and installed dimensional shingles in the AC run to replace the existing material. In addition we secured trim pieces along the edges of tile at the AC run and painted the pipes and vents to add to the aesthetic value of the roof. We hope that Shayli and her family enjoy the comfort this new unit will bring to their home.

We’re honored to be affiliated with organizations like the NSA, that are active in the community and are constantly looking for ways to help make it a better place to live.

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