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After the Rain…

IMG_0996Hey Las Vegans, after several precipitation-free months, enjoy a little rainfall, the brilliant sunrises and sunsets and the rainbows that come with it. But when the rain stops, take a look around your house.

You may have areas on the ceiling with the telltale signs of a roof issue. Stains could indicate water intrusion.

If you happen to find some, get ahold of us. Cooper Roofing & Solar’s professionals are experts at identifying the source of the problem and finding the solution.

What starts as a small discoloration now could lead to big problems in the future. The summer monsoon season isn’t too far away and the drenching downpours it brings could cause major issues, and major expenses.

Even if you don’t see any immediate problems, a Roof Tune-Up could be just what you need to avoid issues down the road.

Our goal is for you to be able to relax, enjoy the patter of the rain and the natural beauty it brings without worrying about the damage water intrusion can do to your home.

And if you have to drive on the wet roads, be extra careful!

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