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All Good Things Must Come to an End

13IMG_1805A good roof can last a long time. In some cases it can even outlast your mortgage. But when it’s time to reroof, it’s time!

The desert sun can take a toll on your roof system and years of exposure can wear it down. Shingles can curl up, blow off in the wind and expose your home.

If you have a roof with untreated wood shakes, you could be facing even more potential problems. Untreated wood shakes can increase the likelihood of fire damage to your home as the heat and lack of humidity dry out the shakes.

The pictures below trace the steps of a shingle reroof of a wood shake roof. The shakes are removed and disposed of, plywood sheathing to provide a solid surface for the underlayment and shingles, the installation of the shingles, and even some gutters for good measure.

Here’s one homeowner who won’t have to worry about his roof for quite a while!

If your shingles are curling up or looking old, or if you have untreated wood shakes, it’s probably time to reroof. And whenever time comes, Cooper Roofing & Solar will be ready!

We’ll dispose of your old roof and install a brand new one – with guaranteed performance and a look that will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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