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Another Solar System in the Books; Is Yours Next?

Ardiente 7Summer is well under way and triple-digit temps are going to be around for a while. With ACs running all the time, power bills can run into several hundred dollars a month, even for a small home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to put the sun to work for you?

A new solar system could be just the ticket! Las Vegas has more than 300 days of sun each year so there’s a lot of work it can do!

If you do decide to go with solar, you’re going to want a company that’s experienced and that you can trust.

In the pictures below, one of Cooper Roofing & Solar’s crews installs panels on a new home under construction – just one of the hundreds of systems we’ve installed this year alone. And with several years in the solar industry under our belt, that’s a ton of experience.

And no one is more trusted than Cooper Roofing & Solar.

We have the best-trained workforce in the business and the best-equipped, too. With our conveyor trucks designed specifically to facilitate the loading of solar panels, we’ve put miles between ourselves and our competition!

Experienced, trusted and the best-equipped solar installer in Southern Nevada, that’s Cooper Roofing & Solar!

Now that we’ve finished this home’s new solar system, is yours next?

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