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Another Step in Downtown Revitalization Complete – Fremont Lofts

Another building down…er, up! The latest building at the Fremont Lofts is complete, displaying the quality and versatility of Cooper Roofing & Solar!

Installing the single-ply roofing on the interior roofs, the metal roofing up top, the wall  panels on the sides, the gutters, and even the deck coating on the balconies outside each unit, we stay very busy on this project.


Take a look at how this latest building went up…

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Nevada Licenses

C15 (Roofing, Siding, Insulation)

#0074487 –  Limit $7,800,000

C1 (Plumbing)

#0074892 –  Limit $500,000

C2 (Electrical)

#0074893 –  Limit $500,000