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Apartment Reroof – Up to the Challenge

The differences between working on new construction and working on existing structures can be the difference between night and day. While new construction scheduling attempts to minimize the obstacles for each contractor, reroofing requires working around the people who live and work in existing structures.

Reroofing the Sunset Winds Apartments, a 20-unit occupied complex, presented some pretty daunting challenges. Hundreds of residents occupy the buildings. Accommodating these residents is the very reason the complex exists. So the project had to be completed with minimal impact on their lives and daily routines.

Residences had to be accessible at all times. Reroofing work had to be completed while accommodating residents’ desires to move around, walk their pets and enjoy the amenities of Sunset Winds. They needed access to their vehicles and parking spaces and roadways had to remain clear at all times.

The conditions of the project required Cooper Roofing & Solar to have forklifts and other heavy equipment on site during the duration of the project. Operators frequently had to drive this equipment through the complex, while residents moved about and drove their vehicles in and out of the parking lots.

Some portions of the project presented unique challenges. One building was completely inaccessible, requiring Cooper to use a crane to offload the old roof and load the new shingles.

“A big challenge was dealing with large equipment around people, cars, dogs, etc.,” said Frank Beam, the Project Manager for Cooper Roofing & Solar’s work at Sunset Winds. “One of the variables on this project was working in a confined space.”

Cooper Roofing & Solar was up to the challenge!

“I’ve been in the business for more than twenty-five years and I’ve worked with many roofing companies,” stated Robert Dowd, Community Manager at Sunset Winds. “I was very impressed with the job they did. The project was practically seamless. It was a great experience to work with a professional roofing company.”

The Sunset Winds complex consists of twenty buildings, ranging from 68 squares to 110 squares of roof area each. A roofing square is equal to 100 square feet of roof area.

The majority of the buildings, fifteen of them, are 90 squares or larger. In addition, the complex contains a mail kiosk, office and two pool buildings that Cooper also reroofed.

In every challenge the project presented, Cooper Roofing & Solar came through.

“It was very, very pleasurable from beginning to end,” Dowd stated. “They followed through with everything. They stayed on schedule and cleaned up nicely. Frank took care of everything.”

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