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Back to School? We’re Ready!

13Tile4Students in Southern Nevada are back in school, armed with new clothes, supplies and backpacks. But it’s not only the parents, teachers and students that have to make preparations for the new school year.

Summer vacation, when classes are not in session, is the time for many schools that need renovations, remodeling and upgrading to get these projects done. To help prepare for the new school year, we helped to remodel this day care and preschool center in Henderson.

The roof consisted of a flat roof area as well as a concrete tile roof. The flat roof houses the HVAC and other units that provide for the comfort and functioning of the facility. The concrete tile roof gives the building an attractive exterior.

The reroof of the flat roof area involved installing Duro-Last single-ply over the existing roof. A layer of insulation was attached between the old roof and the new, to help smooth out any inconsistencies in the surface and to provide a barrier between the two systems.

3Singleply3The building’s original construction at the flat roof section called for insulating the structure above the roof, rather than in the attic. So several inches of insulation lie between the roof surface and the roof decking, to which the roofing material must be adhered. This required us to use screws as long as 16” to be able to attach the new roof system.

Maintaining the look of the old tile roof was essential on this project. This required preserving and reusing as much of the old tile as possible.

Rather than completely removing and discarding the tile, our crews worked in sections – pulling up tile and moving it to an adjacent area, installing new underlayment and battens (where required), then reinstalling the tile.

This was another project in which having our very own metal shop came in handy. Due to the unique types of intersections of pitched roofs to flat roofs to parapet walls of the building design, there were several areas that required custom metal fabrication to ensure integrity.

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