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Beautiful Boulder City Now a Bit More Beautiful

IMG_2841A few of the buildings at Adams Boulevard Community Park in Boulder City had some pretty severe roof issues.

Time and the elements had done a number on their roofs and leaks posed the danger of causing even greater problems. So Cooper Roofing & Solar came in to restore the integrity and beauty of the roofs.

Some sections needed to be completely reroofed, there were many broken tiles and the underlayment was almost completely deteriorated in some places.

The roofing systems came in nearly all shapes and sizes. There was clay tile, concrete tile from a manufacturer no longer in business, distinctively-colored shingles and a low-pitch area that needed single-ply. Each building required a different type of roof, some more than one! Add to that the fact that access for equipment was limited and this project presented a variety of challenges.

This was the type of reroof project that called for a roofing contractor with a vast portfolio of knowledge and experience. This reroof project called for Cooper Roofing & Solar.

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