Our Apprenticeship Program

When you hire Cooper Roofing & Solar, you expect the best-trained, most highly-skilled workers in the industry. That’s what we demand of ourselves.

We have the knowledge and expertise gained through decades of experience as a leader in the industry.

Now, through our Apprenticeship Program, we are training the next generation of workers how to do things the right way, every time.

Send Customer Satisfaction Soaring Through the Roof!

Selecting the right roofing provider for a project couldn't be more important. Make the wrong selection and you could quickly fall behind schedule, go over budget and end up losing business over the long run. You need your projects built on time and on budget, without any hassles afterward. From our innovative structure to our horizontal and vertical integration to the advanced technology we employ, everything we do is designed to make your project a success. With Cooper Roofing & Solar you can count on unparalleled commitments to quality and customer service that will save you time and money today and customer service issues in the future.

Leader in Residential, Commercial and Custom Roofing in Nevada

Cooper Roofing & Solar is the largest and most-respected roofing contractor in Nevada and is trusted by the best builders in the industry. But we are much more than that! Whatever your project's roofing needs, we have a solution. With a wide range of product offerings, from concrete and clay tile to composition shingles to metal roofing to single-ply and more, we have an answer for just about any situation. Our expertise extends far beyond roofing! Our Solar technology can keep you on the cutting-edge and save your customers on their electric bills. And we have an onsite Sheet Metal Manufacturing shop so we can fabricate all of our own sheet metal roof components, including Valley Metal, Eave Riser, and Drip Edge. We are able to cut, bend, form and solder metal to accommodate virtually any roof style. We also construct custom Copper, Bonderized, and Painted metal products in various gauges. Our array of services also extends to insulation, gutters, decks, roof coatings and much more! Each and every task on each and every project comes with the same dedication to quality and service that you expect from Cooper Roofing & Solar.

We Offer An Industry-Leading Safety Program!

Employee safety is extremely important to us. In fact, our commitment to jobsite safety is even greater than our commitment to quality and service. That's why we have the most stringent safety program in the industry and we're improving it all the time. No company in Nevada is as dedicated to its employees' safety as Cooper Roofing & Solar. And our commitment to safety doesn't just end with our employees. With our safety program you can count on the following from our workers on your project: Establishing a "No Entry Zone" perimeter around each house before any work is started Outfitting all our roofers with retractable fall protection devices Adhering to a 100% tie off policy Providing our employees with continuous training and ground-breaking safety education It's all about delivering the best quality and service to you! To schedule Cooper Roofing & Solar, LLC, for your next project or to learn more about us, including request references, please contact us today.


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