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Can-Do Attitude Makes It Happen on Church Reroof

OvertonChurch18Every project is another reminder that every project is different and unique. And some projects are even more unique than others. That’s why the Cooper Roofing & Solar can-do attitude is so essential.

Reroofing this church in Overton, NV presented some unique and interesting challenges. Overton is in the Moapa Valley about an hour north of Las Vegas. Well, it’s normally about an hour, as we found out.

One of the significant issues that arose during this project, and one that required some improvisation, was transport to and from the site. During the start of our portion of the project, heavy rains struck the area north of Las Vegas, including near Overton.

Some places in the Overton area received more rain in just a couple hours than they normally get in a year. This heavy rain caused a massive flood, causing serious damage to roads and some structures in the area.

OvertonChurch13Though the church was not caught in the flood waters, the flood did wipe out a portion of Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and Overton. For a time during the course of the project, our crew was forced to take an alternate route to the jobsite. Though the route around Lake Mead contains some great scenery, having to use it added significant time to the trip to and from the jobsite.

But, exemplifying Cooper Roofing & Solar’s can-do attitude, they made the trek and kept the job moving.

The project involved tearing off the existing roof and installing a new single-ply roof. The new roof system consisted of a mechanically-fastened fiber roof board with a bonded single-ply membrane completing the system.

Another unique factor on this project was coordination, not just with the general contractor and other trade contractors but, with another roofing contractor that was also working on and adjacent portion of the same project. Communication and working together were key to making this aspect of the project, and the project overall, a success.

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