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Henderson’s Latest Attraction for the Thirsty Schedules Grand Opening

19Lovelady BrewingThe Grand Opening of the Lovelady Brewing Co. in Henderson is tomorrow, Friday April 1! The family-owned business on Water Street in downtown “has strong roots in the Henderson community.”

Lovelady Brewing is located in a brand new, attractive 6000-square-foot building. Fitting for an exciting new attraction is a roof by Cooper Roofing & Solar!

While Lovelady will whet their patrons’ thirsts, the Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing system will help keep them dry, even in extreme weather. The TPO system will also contribute to helping provide a place to cool off during the hot summer months. The TPO membrane is adhesive-applied with heat-welded seams.

The new craft brewery had a one-day “soft opening” earlier this month for Henderson’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, which passed on Water Street in front of the new building.

The brewery’s founders’ ties to Henderson and desire to help the city played a role in the location selection.

We wanted to help develop and uplift a community where we were located. Downtown Henderson has had its fair share of struggles over the years and LBC wanted to be a spark to further development in what is a very nice downtown area.

The new brewery and facility housing it have already earned a manner of celebrity, with feature articles in a number of local publications.

Downtown Las Vegas won’t be the only local urban core with a brewery come April 1, when Lovelady Brewing Company is slated to open in Downtown Henderson.

Housed in a newly constructed building on the quaint, decades-old drag of Water Street, Lovelady is family owned and operated, with veteran brewer of 20 years Richard Lovelady (formerly with Gordon Biersch) at the operation’s hoppy helm.

It’s even earned a loyal patron before opening.

Lovelady Brewing Co. hasn’t opened its doors yet — let alone its taps — but one downtown Henderson merchant is already buzzing with anticipation.

“I’m going to be the main taster,” joked Flemming Pedersen, owner of Chef Flemming’s Bake Shop, which is across the street at 7 S. Water St.

With so much support and a roof by Cooper Roofing & Solar helping them stay cool and dry, they’re certainly off to a good start!

Powering the Foundation for Success

NPHY8Giving back to the communities that have helped make our success possible is one of the guiding principles of Cooper Roofing & Solar.

As one piece of this commitment to giving back, we participated in the expansion of the Drop-In Center for the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, part of a six-figure in-kind donation of construction labor and materials provided by local contractors and suppliers through HomeAid Southern Nevada. We recently completed the installation of a new solar system for the Drop-In Center as part of this project.

The Drop-In Center is an essential part of the mission of NPHY.

The Drop-In Center is NPHY’s hub, serving as an entry point to all of NPHY’s programs and a connector to our community’s full range of services for homeless youth. For many homeless youth, walking through the doors of NPHY’s Drop-In Center is their first, crucial step beyond the streets.

NPHY’s Drop-In Center provides homeless youth, ages 12 – 21, with immediate needs services while linking them to the resources they need to ultimately become independent. Our Drop-In Center provides respite from the streets and first meets homeless youths’ basic needs by providing them with food, clothing, hygiene supplies, haircuts, bus passes, calling cards, and other survival supplies. Only once homeless youths’ basic needs are met are they often able to turn from “survival mode” and begin focusing on the future.

In an earlier phase of the project, discussed in Topping Off the Foundation for Success, Cooper Roofing & Solar provided a new roof, removing the existing roofing system and installing a new one, with tile donated by Boral Roofing. During this portion of the project we also removed the solar system from the existing building to allow for other necessary construction and remodeling work to be completed. The new solar system will allow NPHY to save money on its utilities so it can devote more of its resources to providing vital services to our community and our youth.

The expansion of the NPHY Drop-in Center was part of HomeAid Southern Nevada’s commitment to building new lives for the homeless in Southern Nevada through housing and community outreach. The bulk of this upgrade was completed earlier in 2015 with NPHY hosting a block party to commemorate the event. Cooper Roofing & Solar president Scott Donnelly currently serves as Vice President for HomeAid Southern Nevada.

We are extremely gratified to have been able to be a part of the expansion of the Drop-In Center, which will allow NPHY to continue and expand upon the essential role it plays in our community.

Responsive Homes Address Challenge of the Next Generation

Millennial 5One, or two, of the highlights of the recent International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas last week were a couple of show homes designed to overcome the challenge of how “to engage and captivate one of the country’s most influential yet least understood generations of home buyers” – millennials.

These homes, termed the Millennial Responsive Homes, located in the Inspirada master plan in Henderson, were the subject of much media attention during the IBS. Their distinctive designs were the product of extensive market research to determine the designs, features and amenities that would draw this hard-to-reach demographic.

Among the chief findings were the age group’s interest in maximizing space and customizing and personalizing their homes. The study found that millennials gravitate toward homes with urban conveniences in suburban settings, plentiful outdoor space, and customizable floor plans. Living within walking distance to parks and schools and a sense of community also are high priorities.

The designs that ensued from this research definitely stand out.

“You’re not likely to find these in other neighborhoods,” said Pardee Southern Nevada Division President Klif Andrews. “We looked at what the millennial audience is buying and what their tastes are.”…

The homes are available in two customizable floor plans: a contemporary farmhouse design with three to four bedroom, 3½ to 4½ bath at 2,145 square feet; contemporary transitional floor plan with four bedroom, 3½ baths and nearly 3,200 square feet.

Because of the unique design and features of these homes, many of the products and methods involved in constructing them varied dramatically from those normally employed in Southern Nevada. This called for contractors who matched the ideals of the homes, innovative and responsive.

Cooper Roofing & Solar was excited to participate in the construction of these homes. Our work on the Millennial Responsive Homes was extensive and varied – shingles on the steeply-pitched Contemporary Farmhouse, single-ply on the Contemporary Transitional, metal roofing, covers on mansards and trellises, cap metal, deck waterproofing (the final deck surfaces were completed by others) and the decorative metal shrouds around the solar.

This work required the use of methods and equipment that are definitely not the norm for residential construction in Southern Nevada. But the depth and breadth of our experience in so many different elements of roofing and waterproofing prepared us well for the challenges these homes presented.

The millennial generation is estimated to consist of 75 million people, so designing homes that pique their interest is a must for home builders across the nation. The Millennial Responsive Homes in Inspirada are a tremendous step in implementing the concepts that will attract them to join the ranks of homeowners. We were proud to be a part of bringing them to life!

Unique and Challenging: Right up Our Alley!

WP5Thousands of homes are built in the Las Vegas area each year. Virtually all of them are constructed on a concrete slab with wood framing and roof decking.

There are many reasons why this is so, including cost and climate factors. And there are an almost infinite range of design possibilities using these.

But when home builders and homeowners want something unique, far different from the norm, Cooper Roofing & Solar is the company they call – as the distinctive design and construction of this particular home demonstrates.

This project featured many challenging elements and it was certainly unique. (Stay tuned to find out how unique!)

It began with waterproofing of the walls. The multi-step process to complete that portion of the work is shown in the pictures below.

Why waterproof the walls of a home? Again, stay tuned for more on that.

The walls were constructed of 12” thick concrete. Whereas most homes in the Las Vegas area have plywood for the deck substrate on the roof, this home’s roof was also built of concrete!

Check out scenes from these initial stages of this home’s roofing and waterproofing below. And check back here to find out even more about how it all came together!

To be continued…

WestCare Renovations Help Keep Focus on What’s Important

29WestCareInstallThe WestCare Women’s and Children’s Campus in Las Vegas will now be able to focus more on offering behavioral health services for adults, children, adolescents and families and be less concerned about the building where it provides those services.

A new roof recently completed by Cooper Roofing & Solar was part of renovation work on this WestCare facility by HomeAid Southern Nevada. HomeAid is a nonprofit that completes several shelter build projects each year, such as the WestCare renovation.

The roofing portion of the project was 550 squares (55,000 square feet) of reroofing. It wasn’t necessary to remove the entire roof. Only the roofing at the edges and around roof penetrations was required to be removed before installing the new roof.

Tearing off the existing roofing at these areas allowed Cooper Roofing & Solar to make a proper seal at the most crucial points. Leaving the existing roofing in the field helped to reduce costs without affecting the integrity of the new roof.

The roof was completed with Duro-Last single-ply. Duro-Last, which touts itself as “The World’s Best Roof®” is a PVC material that is mechanically-fastened (using screws) with seams in the material sealed by heat-welding.

The Duro-Last material for this project was provided in sections, rather than rolls. The sections are prefabricated with factory-welded seams. Each section covers the area that would require several rolls, but the field labor is significantly reduced because there are far fewer seams that must be welded on the roof.

The project presented some unique aspects, including in the area of safety. The field area of the roof not near any of the edges was roped off with pylons and flags.

Those working within the roped-off areas, which were not near any areas in which a fall hazard was present, were able to work without the use of a fall-arrest system. Employees working at or near the edges of the roof, where the risk of fall is present, were required to employ a fall-arrest system.

With the roof complete, WestCare will be able to put concerns about the building behind them and be able to focus on what’s really important – providing their services to those who need them!

The Work

The Completed Roof

Rain Brings More than Rainbows

RainbowSevere rain storms have been hitting the Las Vegas valley recently. The area doesn’t get rain very often but when the storms come, the rain can be heavy – causing flooding and other problems.

The aftermath of a thunderstorm may be more than just a rainbow. There could be the tell-tale signs of water intrusion in your home – a possible roof leak.

After the storm is a good time to check around your house for the signs of water intrusion – the discolorations on the walls and ceilings. If you notice one of these areas, give Cooper Roofing & Solar a call and let us check to see if there is a problem. If unaddressed a minor issue today could mean a major catastrophe later.

Cooper Roofing & Solar are the experts at roof repairs and reroofs.

We are the most trusted roofing contractor in Nevada and have more than 30 years of experience in Las Vegas. When it comes to finding and fixing roof problems, we’ve seen just about everything.

Tile, shingles and flat roofs, too, whatever type of roof you have we have the know-how to get the job done. Our expert technicians know how to diagnose your problems and find a solution.

So after the rain, enjoy the rainbows, but make sure to check around the house for any of the signs of water intrusion. Don’t let a minor issue become a major headache, and expense.

Covering the Valley in Solar

2SolarRooftop solar has really taken off in the last couple years. Thousands of families in the Las Vegas area now receive power from solar panels on their homes.

Many home builders offer solar as an option and even a standard feature on new homes.

Cooper Roofing & Solar has been installing solar on new homes, model homes and existing homes for years. We’ve done hundreds of installations so far in 2015 alone. The pictures below feature just two of these hundreds.

We hold an electrical contractors license in addition to our roofing license. This allows us to do all of the electrical work associated with installing the solar system as well, including installing the inverter and wiring.

Not only are our solar crews the best-trained in the business, they’re also the best-equipped. We recently placed into service conveyor trucks designed specifically to transport solar panels to the roof.

So if you’re looking for solar, look no further! Cooper Roofing & Solar has the experience, the know-how, the equipment and is the most-trusted contractor in Southern Nevada!

Homes to Help the Homeless

Playhouse8The 2015 HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Project Playhouse Pet Edition is in the books and Cooper Roofing & Solar once again participated in the construction of several of the homes.

Working with home builder clients and several of our fellow subcontractors, we helped bring these homes together, for the enjoyment of the local pets and their owners who won the drawings for these pet playhouses.

As usual, the playhouses were constructed of the best and most advanced products available. For our part, we installed things like copper metal, standing seam metal roofing, deck coatings and many other types of materials to make these homes the luxurious pet abodes they are designed to be.

Project Playhouse Pet Edition is an event to raise funds for HomeAid Southern Nevada and its efforts to assist the homeless.

The idea is to raise both money and awareness, said Caitlin Shea, HomeAid’s executive director.

“Homelessness is not a glamorous topic, and it can be kind of overwhelming for people to understand,” Shea said. “They think of the person on the side of the road with a sign. But this is a chance to let people know the homeless are just like you and me — they lost a job, or had a tremendous illness and lost everything. They have amazing stories, and most of them want to be contributing, successful members of society.”

The Review-Journal article linked above also has a gallery of pictures of assorted playhouses. Interestingly enough, all of the homes featured in the pictures are ones that Cooper Roofing & Solar helped to build.

Below you can see some of our work on the Patrick’s Pad entry as it happened. Patrick’s Pad just happens to be the only home we worked on that is not pictured in the RJ gallery.

HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Facebook page has more pictures of the completed homes and some of the raffle winners.

Back to School? We’re Ready!

13Tile4Students in Southern Nevada are back in school, armed with new clothes, supplies and backpacks. But it’s not only the parents, teachers and students that have to make preparations for the new school year.

Summer vacation, when classes are not in session, is the time for many schools that need renovations, remodeling and upgrading to get these projects done. To help prepare for the new school year, we helped to remodel this day care and preschool center in Henderson.

The roof consisted of a flat roof area as well as a concrete tile roof. The flat roof houses the HVAC and other units that provide for the comfort and functioning of the facility. The concrete tile roof gives the building an attractive exterior.

The reroof of the flat roof area involved installing Duro-Last single-ply over the existing roof. A layer of insulation was attached between the old roof and the new, to help smooth out any inconsistencies in the surface and to provide a barrier between the two systems.

3Singleply3The building’s original construction at the flat roof section called for insulating the structure above the roof, rather than in the attic. So several inches of insulation lie between the roof surface and the roof decking, to which the roofing material must be adhered. This required us to use screws as long as 16” to be able to attach the new roof system.

Maintaining the look of the old tile roof was essential on this project. This required preserving and reusing as much of the old tile as possible.

Rather than completely removing and discarding the tile, our crews worked in sections – pulling up tile and moving it to an adjacent area, installing new underlayment and battens (where required), then reinstalling the tile.

This was another project in which having our very own metal shop came in handy. Due to the unique types of intersections of pitched roofs to flat roofs to parapet walls of the building design, there were several areas that required custom metal fabrication to ensure integrity.

Las Vegas New Homes Show “Steady Upward Trend”

Good news for the Las Vegas economy as well as for housing and construction.

Las Vegas builders continue selling more homes than last year in a “slow, stable” uptick in activity, according to a new report.

Builders sold 583 new homes in Southern Nevada last month, bringing the year’s tally through July to 3,576 sales, up 12 percent from the same period in 2014, Home Builders Research reported Monday.

We’re honored to have made a contribution to this trend.

Cooper Roofing & Solar is the largest and most-trusted residential roofing company in Southern Nevada. Our commitments to quality and service have made us the top choice among home builders in Southern Nevada.

Our versatility is a definite plus. In addition to being the experts in concrete tile, we are skilled in single-ply, metal, shingles and virtually every other roofing system known to humankind. And we don’t just install roofing but just about every element that goes with the roof as well – rooftop solar systems, gutters, skylights, deck coatings, and a lot more.

With everything we do, we deliver the unequalled dedication to quality and service that our customers have come to expect. As the new home market in Las Vegas has grown, more and more home builders have concluded that Cooper Roofing & Solar is the way to go for their roofing needs!

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