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Lend a Hand This #GivingTuesday

The first Tuesday following Thanksgiving has been dubbed #GivingTuesday.

It’s a day to honor what the holidays should be all about – helping others and giving back. #GivingTuesday is a day to make a special contribution to those organizations that help in our community.

When you’re deciding where you should direct your contribution, we hope you would consider one or more of the very worthy charitable organizations that we support.

These include Habitat for Humanity, HomeAid Southern Nevada, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, Project 150 and St. Jude’s Ranch.

Giving back to the communities that have helped us to be successful is one of the foundations of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family. We hope you are able to lend a hand this #GivingTuesday.

St. Jude’s Project Featured in Local Report

Giving back is its own reward, but sometimes it generates unexpected benefits. The Boulder City Review dishes out kudos to the companies and organizations, including Cooper Roofing & Solar, that participated in the reroofing and other renovations of several homes at St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City.

A charitable donation by multiple groups has given St. Jude’s Ranch for Children a much-needed upgrade.

Five companies HomeAid of Southern Nevada, Cooper Roofing and Solar, Warmington Residential, Boral Roofing and Vision Paint and Drywall donated money, people and resources to help fix the roofs of three of St. Jude’s cottage homes.

The roofing issues plaguing the buildings caused additional problems, resulting in the need for repairs to drywall and paint. With new roofs installed, St. Jude’s was able to address these and make the buildings safer for the children.

St. Jude’s Ranch for Children Grants Manager Jed Blake said the repairs on the roofs were desperately needed. Over the years, the roofs on the buildings weathered to a point of tiles becoming brittle and broken and the damage was causing water to seep through the homes and causing a health hazard for the children, Blake said.

The roofing project was needed for the St. George, St. Francis and St. Louis cottages.

Blake said the children now have a safer living environment thanks to the volunteers.

The new roofs will guarantee a safe and dry living environment for the children for years to come, he said.

In addition to reroofing the buildings, replacing the old clay tile with new concrete tile donated by Boral Roofing, Cooper Roofing & Solar installed new gutters where they were necessary to protect the buildings.

We’re proud to be a part of this project and honored to participate with a great group of construction companies and organizations who put all they could into making this a success for HomeAid Southern Nevada, St. Jude’s and the children they serve.

Transforming Lives, One (or More) Roof(s) at a Time

For more than four decades, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City has been transforming “the lives of abused and at-risk children, young adults and families.” But, as is common among charitable organizations, resources are scarce and every dollar spent on buildings and other capital projects is a dollar that can’t be spent pursuing the mission and helping those who need it.

So when we got the chance to put our expertise to work improving the facilities at St. Jude’s while minimizing the financial impact on this great organization, we were eager to help.

You may remember that last year we reroofed a few of the residences at St. Jude’s. This year, the project was much larger, in many ways.

On the more recent project, we reroofed 5 buildings at St. Jude’s – 3 cottages housing children ranging from infant to young adult, an early learning center and the therapy building. We also worked with a much larger group of partners on the project.

Cooper Roofing & Solar donated labor to complete these reroofs and teamed with our friends at Boral Roofing, who provided the concrete roofing tile that was used on these buildings. The building reroofs were performed as part of a shelter build project by HomeAid Southern Nevada, which was also aided by Warmington Residential.

On the reroofs performed last year, we re-installed the existing clay tile, replacing only those pieces that were not reusable after being removed. On this project, because of Boral Roofing’s generosity, we installed brand new concrete tile on these buildings. The old clay tile was removed from these roofs and stacked on pallets (as shown in one of the photos below).

The underlayment was replaced and new concrete tile installed to complete the pitched roofs. In addition, single-ply roofing was installed in flat roof areas.

We also installed gutters and downspouts on the cottages to aid roof drainage and avoid water draining onto patio and courtyard areas, improving the living experiences for the residents.

We are proud to contribute to improving the lives of the children who call St. Jude’s home and to help this great organization focus on pursuing its mission instead of worrying about its roofs.

Target Homelessness: Right on Target

3Target Homelessness 2016The biggest and best yet, the 3rd Annual Target Homelessness, once again was right on target!

Benefiting HomeAid Southern Nevada and the Nevada Subcontractors Association (NSA), Target Homelessness is held at the Pro Gun Club on Old U.S. Highway 95 in Boulder City. The event not only helps out two wonderful causes but also provides home builders, subcontractors and suppliers with a chance to have a whole lot of fun, too!

Cooper Roofing & Solar took full advantage!

We fielded four teams to compete in the event, including giving a couple of our people their first opportunity to shoot sporting clays. We even had a couple raffle prize winners among our teams. It was an excellent time for everyone involved and another chance to give back to the community.

Proceeds from the event go to help HomeAid Southern Nevada and the NSA aid the community through housing and community outreach.

HomeAid Southern builds “new lives for Southern Nevada’s homeless through housing and community outreach. We carry out this mission through care days, education and awareness in the community and shelter projects.”

The NSA works “support the educational, charitable, and political interests of construction subcontractors in the State of Nevada.”

Cooper Roofing & Solar proudly supports the great work of both these organizations, outside of Target Homelessness as well.

Cooper Roofing & Solar has participated in all three Target Homelessness events. Each year turnout, fundraising and the level of fun have far exceeded the previous year. We can’t wait for next year!

Powering the Foundation for Success

NPHY8Giving back to the communities that have helped make our success possible is one of the guiding principles of Cooper Roofing & Solar.

As one piece of this commitment to giving back, we participated in the expansion of the Drop-In Center for the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, part of a six-figure in-kind donation of construction labor and materials provided by local contractors and suppliers through HomeAid Southern Nevada. We recently completed the installation of a new solar system for the Drop-In Center as part of this project.

The Drop-In Center is an essential part of the mission of NPHY.

The Drop-In Center is NPHY’s hub, serving as an entry point to all of NPHY’s programs and a connector to our community’s full range of services for homeless youth. For many homeless youth, walking through the doors of NPHY’s Drop-In Center is their first, crucial step beyond the streets.

NPHY’s Drop-In Center provides homeless youth, ages 12 – 21, with immediate needs services while linking them to the resources they need to ultimately become independent. Our Drop-In Center provides respite from the streets and first meets homeless youths’ basic needs by providing them with food, clothing, hygiene supplies, haircuts, bus passes, calling cards, and other survival supplies. Only once homeless youths’ basic needs are met are they often able to turn from “survival mode” and begin focusing on the future.

In an earlier phase of the project, discussed in Topping Off the Foundation for Success, Cooper Roofing & Solar provided a new roof, removing the existing roofing system and installing a new one, with tile donated by Boral Roofing. During this portion of the project we also removed the solar system from the existing building to allow for other necessary construction and remodeling work to be completed. The new solar system will allow NPHY to save money on its utilities so it can devote more of its resources to providing vital services to our community and our youth.

The expansion of the NPHY Drop-in Center was part of HomeAid Southern Nevada’s commitment to building new lives for the homeless in Southern Nevada through housing and community outreach. The bulk of this upgrade was completed earlier in 2015 with NPHY hosting a block party to commemorate the event. Cooper Roofing & Solar president Scott Donnelly currently serves as Vice President for HomeAid Southern Nevada.

We are extremely gratified to have been able to be a part of the expansion of the Drop-In Center, which will allow NPHY to continue and expand upon the essential role it plays in our community.

It’s #GivingTuesday, Please Support these Worthy Organizations

First, it’s Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, then Cyber Monday at the beginning of the following week. Today, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is designated Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday is a day devoted to giving back and giving to those organizations that help the less fortunate.

At Cooper Roofing & Solar, giving back to the communities that have made our success possible and making them better places to live is one of the foundations of our company.

When you’re donating your time, talent and treasure this Giving Tuesday, please remember the fantastic charitable organizations that we support that perform excellent and vital work in Southern Nevada.

These include Habitat for Humanity, HomeAid Southern Nevada, Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada, Project 150 and St. Jude’s Ranch.

November is Homelessness Awareness Month; Remember HomeAid Southern Nevada

HomeAidHHA Month-2015November is Homelessness Awareness Month. HomeAid Southern Nevada is building new lives for Southern Nevada’s homeless through housing and community outreach. It is one of the local community organizations that we are proud to support.

One of HomeAid’s major events each year is the Project Playhouse Pet Edition. Cooper Roofing & Solar is honored to have played a part in the construction of several of these playhouses over the years. We also have participated in each of the Target Homelessness shooting clay events that helps to raise money for HomeAid Southern Nevada.

But HomeAid Southern Nevada is much more than events. The organization puts the funds raised by these events to great use, with care days, education, community outreach and shelter build projects that assist the homeless in building new lives.

The addition to the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth Drop-In Center and the renovation of the WestCare Women’s Center facility are just a couple of the recent projects by HomeAid Southern in which Cooper Roofing & Solar was pleased to have been able to lend a helping hand.

HomeAid Southern Nevada is an outstanding organization that we proudly support and that is very worthy of your support.

From now through the holiday season, we will be featuring worthy charitable organizations that we support and assist. We will be highlighting the work they do in the community and urge you to remember them with contributions of your time, talent and treasure.

WestCare Women’s Center Reroof

We wrapped up work at the WestCare Women’s Center recently, a reroof that was part of HomeAid Southern Nevada‘s renovation at the facility. A few of the highlights of the project:

Loadin’ Up

Getting the material to the project and on the roof – having the right equipment is essential to this phase of the project.

Off with the Old…

Tearing off portions of the old roof that must go in order to get the new roof to tie into and seal properly.

On with the New

Installing the new Duro-Last single-ply roof system. We have a host of experience with Duro-Last, which touts itself as The World’s Best Roof®!

That’s a Wrap

A couple views of the completed roof!

Stay tuned for more on this great project coming soon!

Homes to Help the Homeless

Playhouse8The 2015 HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Project Playhouse Pet Edition is in the books and Cooper Roofing & Solar once again participated in the construction of several of the homes.

Working with home builder clients and several of our fellow subcontractors, we helped bring these homes together, for the enjoyment of the local pets and their owners who won the drawings for these pet playhouses.

As usual, the playhouses were constructed of the best and most advanced products available. For our part, we installed things like copper metal, standing seam metal roofing, deck coatings and many other types of materials to make these homes the luxurious pet abodes they are designed to be.

Project Playhouse Pet Edition is an event to raise funds for HomeAid Southern Nevada and its efforts to assist the homeless.

The idea is to raise both money and awareness, said Caitlin Shea, HomeAid’s executive director.

“Homelessness is not a glamorous topic, and it can be kind of overwhelming for people to understand,” Shea said. “They think of the person on the side of the road with a sign. But this is a chance to let people know the homeless are just like you and me — they lost a job, or had a tremendous illness and lost everything. They have amazing stories, and most of them want to be contributing, successful members of society.”

The Review-Journal article linked above also has a gallery of pictures of assorted playhouses. Interestingly enough, all of the homes featured in the pictures are ones that Cooper Roofing & Solar helped to build.

Below you can see some of our work on the Patrick’s Pad entry as it happened. Patrick’s Pad just happens to be the only home we worked on that is not pictured in the RJ gallery.

HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Facebook page has more pictures of the completed homes and some of the raffle winners.

Cooper Roofing & Solar Is on Target

Giving back to the community is a central piece of our company’s foundation. And when we can combine giving back to great causes with a chance to have some fun, well that’s even better!

TargetHomelessness1The 2nd Annual Target Homelessness event was a great opportunity to do both. Held by HomeAid Southern Nevada and the Nevada Subcontractors Association at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Target Homelessness was a day of fun, food, prizes and, last but certainly not least, charity.

Cooper Roofing & Solar was a proud sponsor of Target Homelessness and fielded several teams in the competition. Our teams created quite a convoy as they left the clubhouse to hit the course.

Target Homelessness provided a day of fun for everyone, regardless of skill level. The food, drink and prizes after the competition topped off an outstanding day.

A couple of our people helped to volunteer for the event and one of the participants from our company even won some prizes at the raffle drawing!

“Cooper Roofing & Solar is extremely proud to support HomeAid Southern Nevada,” stated Cooper Roofing & Solar president Scott Donnelly. “They perform excellent work in the community on behalf of homeless men, women and children and help to provide effective solutions to the issue of homelessness in Southern Nevada.”

Donnelly, who is also the president of the Nevada Subcontractors Association, praised that organization’s work as well. “Since 1999 the NSA has been a strong voice on behalf of subcontractors and suppliers and the tens of thousands of families whose livelihoods depend on these companies in Nevada.”

He added, “We’re honored to be able to support the NSA and HomeAid Southern Nevada in any way we can. Events like Target Homelessness allow us to support their great work while giving our people a chance to have a little bit of fun at the same time. Target Homelessness lets us have the best of both worlds.”

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