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Giving Back Continues After the Holidays

10NPHY2Giving back to the communities that have helped make our success possible is one of the foundations of what we do at Cooper Roofing & Solar.

The holidays are a season of giving and many people devote a great deal of time and effort in helping charitable projects and organizations during that time. Now the holidays are over, there may be a tendency to reduce our charitable efforts.

But the needs that our giving during the holidays helps to alleviate haven’t gone away now that the holiday decorations have returned to storage. They’re still there and in some cases are even more pressing than before.

Allow us to highlight some of the projects we’ve been involved with over the last several months. We encourage you to support these projects and the organizations we’ve highlighted below.

In the coming weeks we will be spotlighting even more community efforts we are supporting and projects we are involved in and encourage everyone to support and become involved in.

The Season of Giving

IMG_4836One of the guiding principles of Cooper Roofing & Solar is giving back to the community. We feel that it is important to share our good fortune with the communities that have made our success possible and with those who need a hand up.

While we believe that giving back is a year-round proposition, the Christmas season is a time when it takes on even greater importance.

There are a number of great organizations that are deserving of your support and nearly everyone has their favorites.

Cooper Roofing & Solar has been involved with several wonderful organizations that do great work in Southern Nevada and elsewhere.

Habitat450x160Habitat for Humanity builds single-family homes and provides them at cost for low-income residents, who receive a no-interest mortgage and contribute labor to the home they purchase.


HomeAid-LogoHomeAid Southern Nevada builds new lives for Southern Nevada’s homeless men, women and children through housing and community outreach.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth works to eliminate homelessness among Nevada’s youth.


OFH Logo 2013Operation Finally Home provides mortgage-free homes to wounded military veterans. OFH operates in a number of states around the nation. The organization works with developers, homebuilders and subcontractors to secure land and build homes for the vets it helps.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission changes lives and serves those in need by providing hope and life change. This organization has several programs to help, including daily meals, emergency shelter, clothing ministry, a recovery program and spiritual guidance.






Project 150 offers support and services to homeless high school students in the Las Vegas area so they can stay in school through graduation and learn the life skills necessary to be successful.





St. Jude’s Ranch for children transforms the lives of abused and at-risk children, young adults and families by empowering them to create new chances, new choices and new hope in a caring community.

Thank you, Sgt. Bales and Operation Finally Home

A new home in Las Vegas was awarded to a deserving hero.

Thank you, Sgt. Christopher Bales for your service and sacrifice. Thank you also to Operation Finally Home, PulteGroup and all those who participated. Thank you to Boral Roofing for donating the concrete roof tile.

Returning Hero Rewarded with New Home

3Page“There are great Army brothers that are out there today, that are alive today because of the efforts of this great American hero,” declared Stephen Page of the heroic efforts of Army Sgt. Christopher Bales. Page, director of corporate sponsorships for Operation Finally Home, described the incident in Afghanistan that left Sgt. Bales wounded with a partially paralyzed leg.

Thursday, Bales was the recipient of a newly-built, fully-furnished, mortgage-free home courtesy of Operation Finally Home, Pulte Homes and its subcontractors and suppliers. Cooper Roofing & Solar donated all of the labor and materials for the roof and the rooftop solar system, with Boral Roofing donating the concrete roof tile for the home.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Congressman Joe Heck and PulteGroup’s Las Vegas division president Scott Wright also delivered remarks at the dedication ceremony marking the occasion and honoring the service and sacrifice of Sgt. Bales. Cooper Roofing & Solar’s Scott Donnelly, Mike Pullen, Cameron Donnelly and Rocco Prock were among the dozens of employees of companies participating in the construction of the home who attended the dedication ceremony.

Governor Sandoval welcomed Bales to his home, declaring, “To have a hero like you, a man who has selflessly served our country, I want to thank you on behalf of all the people of the state of Nevada, from the bottom of my heart, for your service to our country.”

Bales was shot in the lower back and thigh as he left his position to draw fire upon himself and away from the other members of his unit as they were ambushed in 2010. Sgt. Bales served in both Iraq and Afghanistan after joining the Army in 2006.

“We owe our returning veterans, especially those from the last twelve years of conflict an incredible debt of gratitude. It’s a debt that we will never, ever be able to fully repay,” stated Congressman Heck. “But it’s programs like this that show just how much we care and how hard we try to repay that never-ending debt that we will always hold. So again thank you to you and your family for your service to our nation.”

“When you think about what a true hero is, I really feel that Christopher Bales represents that and that’s why we’re so proud and honored to be here today,” Wright said. “Hopefully it’s the home of his dreams.”

From Sgt. Bales’s reaction, it is.

During the ceremony, he received the keys to his new home from Pulte’s Brandon Laughter and Alan Jenkins, whom Wright singled out to praise their efforts on the project. It was the first time Bales was able to see the inside of the new home he and two sons will live in. At one point, while looking at all the furnishings and accessories in the home, he looked in amazement and asked Laughter, “Is this stuff mine?”

“I just want to thank everybody involved,” Bales said to reporters after the ceremony. Bales described the home as “beautiful” and “breathtaking” and stated he was “blown away” by the ceremony.

“We’re proud to participate in Operation Finally Home,” declared Cooper Roofing & Solar president Scott Donnelly. “It’s a great program and we’d like to thank PulteGroup and all of our fellow subcontractors and suppliers who participated. We’re excited to honor the service and sacrifice of Sgt. Bales and other heroes through programs like Operation Finally Home.”

Operation Finally Home: Almost Home!

IMG_4953Operation Finally Home in Southwest Las Vegas is nearly complete. The roof and solar systems, proudly donated and installed by Cooper Roofing & Solar, are complete and the home just needs a few finishing touches.

Our guys, as they always do, worked diligently to install the concrete tile, which was donated for this house by our friends at Boral Roofing, and keep the home on schedule.

Right on their heels the solar crew was on the job, installing all the materials and equipment necessary to secure the system to the roof and hook it up to the home’s electrical system.

Operation Finally Home is a program that provides homes to wounded and disabled veterans upon their return. Pulte Homes is building this home, the first for Operation Finally Home in Nevada, in Southwest Las Vegas and providing it mortgage-free to Cpl. Christopher Bales.

While it may be too soon to say “Mission Accomplished” we’re that much closer to honoring another one of our heroes!

Operation Finally Home: Honoring Our Veterans

OFH Logo 2013-300x360Cooper Roofing & Solar is proud to honor our veterans by participating in Operation Finally Home. This organization was started in 2005 to provide wounded and disabled veterans with a home upon their return.

The first Operation Finally Home in Nevada is under construction. Pulte Homes is providing a free home for Cpl. Christopher Bales in Southwest Las Vegas and Cooper Roofing & Solar is honored to participate.

To honor Cpl. Bales and all those who serve our country, we are gladly donating all of the labor and materials for the rooftop solar system. In addition, we are donating the labor and materials for the concrete tile roof and our friends at Boral Roofing are providing the concrete roof tile free of charge.

Cpl. Bales was wounded in action in Afghanistan, suffering a partially-paralyzed left leg from being shot during an ambush.

We thank Cpl Bales for his service and sacrifice, and offer our gratitude to all our veterans and active-duty military for their service to our country.

Check back for more information as the home progresses.

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