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Bringing Home the Hardware – for Safety!

Cooper Roofing & Solar’s Napoleon Mendez earned the coveted “Glass Ceiling” Award as the outstanding Safety Director at the Inaugural World Wide Safety Awards Luncheon. The entire Cooper Roofing & Solar family took home hardware as well, winning both Roofing Safety Awards – Commercial Roofing and Residential Roofing.

The three combined honors for Cooper were tied for the most of any contractor and demonstrate the commitment to safety that everyone in the Cooper Roofing & Solar family exemplifies every day.

World Wide Safety is one of the largest safety consultants in the United States – operating in several different states. They provide safety consulting to dozens of companies across several different industries and are one of the most respected of all in the construction business.

In addition to offering consulting and training services for subcontractors, they also provide services for general contractors, home builders, project owners and on many large individual projects as well. Their inspectors and trainers are a ubiquitous sight across the Las Vegas area.

The WWS Safety Awards recognized the very best the construction industry in Nevada has to offer with regard to safety.

We are honored to count the winner for the best Safety Director, Napoleon Mendez, among the Cooper Roofing & Solar family. Napoleon is a tireless worker who has taken tremendous initiative to not just obtain the education and training necessary to perform his duties but to go above and beyond in gathering additional knowledge and training himself.

It is this outstanding effort above and beyond the call of the minimum that is required that earned Napoleon this prestigious award. Congratulations, Napoleon, for a job well done, making us all safer!

No doubt, Napoleon’s incredible work contributed to our success in winning both of the Roofing awards presented. But every member of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family should be proud of their effort in earning both the Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing Awards!

Achieving these honors requires an extraordinary commitment from everyone. All of the elements – education, training, equipment, dedication, focus, investment and a desire to do what’s right – must be present on a consistent and continuing basis to keep us out in front.

Congratulations, Napoleon, and every member of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family, for a fantastic performance! Let’s keep up the great work!

Congratulations to our July Safety Awards Winners

At Cooper Roofing & Solar, safety is more than just a word.

Roofing, by its very nature, can be an inherently dangerous activity. The vast majority of the work that we do occurs at double-digit heights. We also work with sharp tools and powerful equipment.

We are committed to making the investments and supplying the proper Personal Protective Equipment to allow our people to work safely. But the tools are only part of the story. The proper knowledge, training and dedication to safety are essential in everything that we do. The mental aspects of safety are every bit as important as the physical.

That’s why Cooper Roofing & Solar, with the help of World Wide Safety, some time ago implemented a Safety Awards program. We sought to recognize those crews who have demonstrated the proper commitment to working safely.

July’s Safety Award Winners are:

Loading – Juan Garcia & Crew
Dry-in – Luis Vargas & Crew
Tile – Rolando Solorzano & Crew

Congratulations to all the winners!

July Safety Awards 1 July Safety Awards 2

Congratulations to Safety Award Winners

Congratulations to Federico Quintero and crew for winning May’s Safety Award for the Dry-in division.

Way to focus on what’s most important!

Cooper Roofing & Solar: 2015; Nothing We Can’t Do!

2015 was another fantastic year for Cooper Roofing & Solar! We worked all over Nevada, from the farthest tip of Southern Nevada north to Reno, even over the hump in Pahrump! From commercial to residential to custom homes we covered with solar, single-ply, metal roofing & siding, waterproofing, gutters, roof coatings, decks, shingles and, of course, no one installs more tile than we do. Our safety program won prestigious awards. Even with all the hard work, laughter and fun were always on the menu.

Cooper Roofing & Solar Named Nevada Subcontractors Association’s Safest Member

NSA Safety Award 2We are extremely honored to have been named winner of the 2015 Nevada Subcontractors Association’s Safest Member Award!

This award is a testament of the efforts of the members of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family to embody the commitment to the highest standards safety in the industry.

At Cooper Roofing & Solar we invest a tremendous amount of resources to ensure a safe workplace for our employees. But no matter the amount of time and money we expend on research, training and equipment, safety comes down to the actions of the individuals on the jobsite – their awareness, focus and dedication to doing the right thing.

Receiving recognition such as the NSA’s Safest Member of 2015 Award for those efforts is evidence that our people are committed to working the right way.

NSA Safety Award 1The NSA is the largest and most active organization representing the interests of construction subcontractors and suppliers in the state of Nevada. The organization consists of more than 100 member companies, firms that comprise the elite companies in the industry.

In addition, the criteria for the award focused on the results of field inspections by the NSA Safety Committee. So the award was determined by the actual performance of the workers in the field. The status of the NSA plus the criteria upon which the award was based make this award extremely prestigious and we know that we faced outstanding competition.

Thank you to the NSA for honoring us with this award. And to all the members of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family whose hard work and commitment made this possible we say, “Thank you” and “Keep up the great work!”

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