Going Where Others Fear to Tread – Another Las Vegas Reroof

IMG_1763FB13After 25 years the shingles on this home had seen better days. Over the years several had blown off in the wind and those remaining were being worn down and deteriorated by the desert sun. This Las Vegas home was certainly due for a reroof.

Because the roof was so steep the owner had been told by some others they wouldn’t even attempt to reroof it. But with a “can-do” attitude and the proper commitment to safety, anything is possible.

Cooper Roofing & Solar removed and disposed of the old shingle roof. We even removed and replaced a piece of plywood sheathing that had suffered water damage and was no longer sound.

We installed new underlayment, edge metal and brand new shingles – Tamko Heritage® architectural shingles that add texture and depth to the roof surface in a lighter color that will stand up better to the intense desert sun even as it complements the home’s exterior color. We even put in a couple of vents to improve the ventilation.

All this was accomplished while being extremely mindful of safety – not just the safety of our employees but of the neighbors and any passersby as well. The risk of a catastrophic IMG_1937FB18accident goes up exponentially as a roof gets steeper so this reroof required even more intense safety and fall-protection procedures than normal.

Now this home has emerged better than new – and ready for the next quarter-century, or more!


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