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From Above: Power from the Sun and a View from the Heavens

A great and unique view of this solar installation! With solar modules from Sun Power, Cooper Roofing & Solar helps another family put the Sun to work for them!

Cooper Roofing & Solar: 2015; Nothing We Can’t Do!

2015 was another fantastic year for Cooper Roofing & Solar! We worked all over Nevada, from the farthest tip of Southern Nevada north to Reno, even over the hump in Pahrump! From commercial to residential to custom homes we covered with solar, single-ply, metal roofing & siding, waterproofing, gutters, roof coatings, decks, shingles and, of course, no one installs more tile than we do. Our safety program won prestigious awards. Even with all the hard work, laughter and fun were always on the menu.

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Our company Christmas BBQ featured food, friendship and lots of fun – laughter and smiles everywhere!

It was a great time to honor all our employees for making this year a huge success. We had an awesome set of raffle prizes from us and from our wonderful suppliers. The food and drinks were graciously provided, prepared, and sometimes served by Eagle Roofing Products, with an assist from RSG Las Vegas Roofing Supply. Thanks as well to Boral Roofing, Desert Fasteners, Fasteners Inc. and World Wide Safety for providing raffle prizes.

On the Bunker: Unique, Challenging Project Right Up our Alley

You’re unlikely to find many homes that will draw more attention than this one and not just because it was featured in an article in Nevada’s largest newspaper.

This custom home, known by some as the “bunker” house, is definitely one-of-a-kind in Las Vegas. The uniqueness started with the concrete roof and walls, rather than the wood frame construction common in the area. But it didn’t stop there.

The 12” thick concrete on the home, built by TNM Construction for a former Pentagon employee, not only had to be waterproofed but also protected. With a foot of landscaping soil, rocks and plants on the roof, rather than the twice-yearly rainfalls we have in Las Vegas this roof could be exposed to moisture 24/7/365 as the plants above it require water to survive.

As unique as the outside is, the interior of the home is an amazing yet fairly normal 3,600-square-foot space. While not lacking in size, obviously, the generous openness and flow from entry to main room back to kitchen is like a well-appointed command center with the library, master (jetted tub and temperature-controlled shower) and two compact bedrooms tucked nicely away for privacy and to lessen ambient noise. Krebs was very meticulous in choosing the paint, tile, granite and cabinets (a beautiful style in light gray-blue), etc. He blamed his engineering background for his meticulousness.

Protecting all of these from the elements was the job of Cooper Roofing & Solar, using materials from W. R. Meadows.

Krebs completeNot only did we have to make certain the walls and roof were waterproof but the watertight material had to be protected from being punctured or compromised by the landscaping material on top of the roof.

The system chosen for this project was W. R. Meadows Mel-Rol waterproofing membrane. Mel-Rol provides waterproofing on the walls. W. R. Meadows Mel-Drain outside of the Mel-Rol protects the waterproofing and “allows the passage of moisture through the fabric while preventing fine soils from entering the drainage channel.”

The concrete roof was waterproofed with W. R. Meadows Hydralastic with Mel-Drain installed on top to protect and facilitate drainage.

The completed home remains an attraction for passers-by. Though our work is no longer visible, covered by a foot of landscaping, Cooper Roofing & Solar’s expertise on a unique and challenging project continues to shine through.

How Easy Is Solar?

This is how easy Cooper Roofing & Solar makes it.

Whatever You Want, We Have It!

Who’s the most versatile roofing contractor? Cooper Roofing & Solar, of course! Cooper Roofing & Solar proves its versatility on this project of semi-custom homes by producing stunning results with roof tile, single-ply, metal, decks and more!

And if we can display this level of versatility on just one project, imagine what we’re truly capable of!

A New Toy from Santa?

SolarTruck10Well, not exactly a “toy,” and not just one. They’re actually sophisticated pieces of equipment –conveyor trucks specifically designed to deliver and load modules for solar systems, otherwise known as solar panels.

You don’t get to be the leader and most-trusted roofing contractor in Southern Nevada by sitting on your hands and letting the world, and technology, pass you by. You’ve got to stay on the forefront of the industry.

That’s why Cooper Roofing & Solar is unveiling these newest additions to our fleet – perfect for getting our men and materials where they need to be and for getting modules in place. But without the transport and maneuverability issues that heavy equipment presents to accomplish the same tasks. The video below shows how easy and effortlessly they work!

These are all a part of Cooper Roofing & Solar’s commitment to our customers. We’re consistently investing in new technology and investigating new ways of doing things in order to provide better, faster and higher quality service, increasing the value we provide.

Giving the Best: Cooper Roofing & Solar 2014

Catch the highlights of 2014 for Cooper Roofing & Solar!

It was a great year for installing roofing, solar, decks, skylights, sheet metal, gutters and a lot more by the best-trained workforce in the business.

Our commercial projects included one the Review-Journal termed “the pride and joy of the Downtown Project,” the John E Carson renovation. A growing Las Vegas economy brought many new model home complexes all around the Las Vegas area.

As usual, Giving Back was a top priority and we proudly participated in many charitable projects and organizations – including HomeAid Southern Nevada, Project 150 and the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth.

Let’s work to make 2015 even better!

Merry Christmas

It’s been a great year and we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Happy 150th Birthday, Nevada

The State of Nevada celebrates its sesquicentennial Friday, October 31, 2014. The Silver State will be 150 years old.

Nevada is the birthplace of Cooper Roofing & Solar and we work all around the state. The video shows just a sample of what we’ve done in Nevada.

Looking forward to another great 150 years!

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