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Commercial Roofing: Who You Gonna Call?

PFChang's ReroofSay you’re running a business needing a new roof but you have to get it done with no disruption to your business from the sights, sounds and smells of traditional roofing systems, and where working around obstacles and other contractors is necessary…Your solution? Call Cooper Roofing & Solar, the most-trusted commercial roofing contractor in Las Vegas.

Our expert craftsmen are skilled at working on difficult projects, in tight areas and around other trades helping to upgrade facilities. And our proven, time-tested solutions for commercial roofing projects come without the drawbacks of hot-asphalt or torch-applied roofing systems.

If customer satisfaction is your goal, Cooper Roofing & Solar is the solution to your roofing needs. Many local business owners already know this secret!

We have decades of experience on commercial roofing projects in the Las Vegas area. And we can make sure your customers don’t even know we’re working, except when they notice the roof no longer leaks!

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Nevada Licenses

C15 (Roofing, Siding, Insulation)

#0074487 –  Limit $7,800,000

C1 (Plumbing)

#0074892 –  Limit $500,000

C2 (Electrical)

#0074893 –  Limit $500,000