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July Safety Awards

Congratulations to our July Safety Awards Winners

At Cooper Roofing & Solar, safety is more than just a word.

Roofing, by its very nature, can be an inherently dangerous activity. The vast majority of the work that we do occurs at double-digit heights. We also work with sharp tools and powerful equipment.

We are committed to making the investments and supplying the proper Personal Protective Equipment to allow our people to work safely. But the tools are only part of the story. The proper knowledge, training and dedication to safety are essential in everything that we do. The mental aspects of safety are every bit as important as the physical.

That’s why Cooper Roofing & Solar, with the help of World Wide Safety, some time ago implemented a Safety Awards program. We sought to recognize those crews who have demonstrated the proper commitment to working safely.

July’s Safety Award Winners are:

Loading – Juan Garcia & Crew
Dry-in – Luis Vargas & Crew
Tile – Rolando Solorzano & Crew

Congratulations to all the winners!

July Safety Awards 1 July Safety Awards 2

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