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Construction Bucks Conventional Wisdom

IMG_4914There’s no doubt the economy is changing – the jobs that many of our fathers and mothers had no longer exist, or exist in a very different fashion than they did. The conventional wisdom says that opportunities for financial success and a rewarding career are shrinking and available only to those with a college degree.

But there are some industries that are bucking the conventional wisdom. As the subhead to this article points out, “Economic mobility is alive and well for Americans who pursue technical or practical training.”

Many people are finding that careers in construction and a few other industries offer opportunities for success and fulfillment, despite most jobs not requiring a degree from a traditional college.

There are even greater opportunities in construction now than at other times. The economic downturn hit the industry especially hard. The number of jobs plummeted and many people who had worked in construction found employment in other sectors of the economy.

IMG_7193The increase in construction activity over the last 18 months has increased the demand for labor. Even though construction volume remains well below its peak, reports from industry groups indicate that some employers are reporting labor shortages. These shortages are especially acute in certain trades and higher in certain areas of the country.

The industry is changing as well. New technologies are being introduced and adapted to fit the needs of construction. These include not only those used in the actual construction process but also those employed in sales, support and administrative functions, such as bidding, scheduling and payroll. Such changes could provide even greater opportunities for workers in the industry as they adapt their skills and develop new skills to incorporate new technologies.

As construction continues to recover from the downturn the demand for workers is going to continue to increase, which will present even greater opportunities.

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