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Continuing the Commitment

StandDown3The OSHA National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction has ended but that doesn’t mean the commitment to its principles is over.

A commitment to working safely has to be constant – every minute of every hour of every day.

Just an instant of distraction or only one time overlooking the proper checks and oversight of equipment and site conditions can result in a serious injury, or even worse.

That’s why continued training and education is so important.

Thanks to World Wide Safety for sponsoring a jobsite demonstration of fall protection during the National Safety Stand-Down. The presentation covered such areas as the proper equipment, including it its proper use, maintenance and inspection. It also included a great lunch!

According to OSHA, nearly 1/3 of all construction fatalities in 2013 were a result of falls. For obvious reasons, roofing work is more susceptible to those dangers than most other types of construction work.

At Cooper Roofing & Solar we are dedicated to keeping our people safe and providing the tools, equipment and training for them to work safely. With a full-time Safety Director and continual training, our top priority is for everyone to make it home safely every night.

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