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Cooper roofing & Solar. Commercial roof projectsWhen you need auto parts, you go to the experts. When they need a new roof, they go to the experts, too – Cooper Roofing & Solar, the most trusted roofing contractor in the Las Vegas area.

Cooper Roofing & Solar recently completed a reroofing project on a local Auto Zone store. The owners selected a Duro-Last single-ply roofing system. We have vast experience and expertise with Duro-Last, which touts itself as “the world’s best roof.”

The project required removing the existing cap metal and scuppers (that allow drainage from the roof). The new roofing system consisted of a layer of insulation as a protection barrier between the old roofing system and the new.

In addition, insulation was installed in a layered fashion at certain places to create “crickets” at the low points of the roof to facilitate drainage to the scuppers and help reduce ponding of water near the scuppers. The new system was installed over this insulation. We finished it off with some brand-new, painted cap metal that perfectly topped off the roofing system.

This reroofing project presented some excellent opportunities for us to demonstrate some of our unique capabilities.

With the long runs from end to end, this was the perfect project to make use of some automation. We employed a welding machine that, when used by one of our trained operators, sealed these long runs in a fraction of the time it takes to perform this work by hand. Speed and performance!

The completed Duro-Last roof will provide beauty and integrity for years to come!

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