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Cooper Roofing & Solar Is on Target

Giving back to the community is a central piece of our company’s foundation. And when we can combine giving back to great causes with a chance to have some fun, well that’s even better!

TargetHomelessness1The 2nd Annual Target Homelessness event was a great opportunity to do both. Held by HomeAid Southern Nevada and the Nevada Subcontractors Association at the Pro Gun Club in Boulder City, Target Homelessness was a day of fun, food, prizes and, last but certainly not least, charity.

Cooper Roofing & Solar was a proud sponsor of Target Homelessness and fielded several teams in the competition. Our teams created quite a convoy as they left the clubhouse to hit the course.

Target Homelessness provided a day of fun for everyone, regardless of skill level. The food, drink and prizes after the competition topped off an outstanding day.

A couple of our people helped to volunteer for the event and one of the participants from our company even won some prizes at the raffle drawing!

“Cooper Roofing & Solar is extremely proud to support HomeAid Southern Nevada,” stated Cooper Roofing & Solar president Scott Donnelly. “They perform excellent work in the community on behalf of homeless men, women and children and help to provide effective solutions to the issue of homelessness in Southern Nevada.”

Donnelly, who is also the president of the Nevada Subcontractors Association, praised that organization’s work as well. “Since 1999 the NSA has been a strong voice on behalf of subcontractors and suppliers and the tens of thousands of families whose livelihoods depend on these companies in Nevada.”

He added, “We’re honored to be able to support the NSA and HomeAid Southern Nevada in any way we can. Events like Target Homelessness allow us to support their great work while giving our people a chance to have a little bit of fun at the same time. Target Homelessness lets us have the best of both worlds.”

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