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Cooper Roofing & Solar Named Safety Subcontractor of the Year!

Safety Subcontractor of the Year

Congratulations to the entire Cooper Roofing & Solar family for earning this outstanding honor!

We’ve been named the Safety Subcontractor of the Year Award winner by World Wide Safety.

World Wide Safety is the leading safety consultant in the construction industry in Nevada and Utah. Virginia Toalepai and the rest of her team work with the top general contractors, home builders and specialty trade contractors in the industry. The competition was fierce, making this award extremely special.

WWS presents Cooper Roofing & Solar the award in the photo above. (L to R) Marcus Brown (WWS), Daniel Corrow (WWS), Claudio Garcia (Cooper Superintendent), Oliver Corado (Superintendent), Mike Pullen (General Manager), Scott Donnelly (President), Virginia Toalepai (WWS), Dionicio Flores (Superintendent), Napoleon Mendez (Safety Director), Dale Scott (WWS)

Safety isn’t one person or a certain piece of equipment or a meeting one day a week. Maintaining a safe workplace requires constant devotion and attention by every person, every minute of every day, utilizing continuing education and improvement, properly employing the necessary tools and equipment, and adapting to ever-changing conditions.

WWS President Virginia Toalepai explains,

As the President of World Wide Safety I would like to personally congratulate all the 4 recipients of 2015 Safety Awards! These awards are given after evaluating over 100 companies that we service here in Nevada alone! From General Contractors, to Subcontractors to even down to our Superintendents! We do recognized all efforts, time and great dedication put forth by all companies! WWS Team are very fortunate to have us part of your ongoing Safety with the main focus that at the end of the day all and everyone get to go home to their families!…


Achieving this honor is a demonstration of the devotion of all of our employees to safety as the Number One priority. Thank you to Virginia and the WWS team and to all of our employees.

To the members of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family, we echo Virginia, “Congratulations!!”

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