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Doin’ It All

Tearoff-flatWhat do you need? Whatever it is, as long as it involves a roof or waterproofing, we can do it!

The pictures below show only a small sample of what Cooper Roofing & Solar has been up to in just the last few months.

New roofs, old roofs and everywhere in between. Putting them on and taking them off. Solar, waterproofing (walls, roofs, above and below ground), flat, steep, shingles, tile (concrete or clay), metal, coatings, single-ply and all kinds of different products, both traditional and cutting edge.

At Cooper Roofing & Solar we pride ourselves on our versatility, rooted in our commitment to our customers. If they need it, we can do it!

And keep checking in here over the next few months and we’ll have many more stories to tell about the projects, the products and the people involved in these pictures!

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Nevada Licenses

C15 (Roofing, Siding, Insulation)

#0074487 –  Limit $7,800,000

C1 (Plumbing)

#0074892 –  Limit $500,000

C2 (Electrical)

#0074893 –  Limit $500,000