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Don’t Fear El Niño, Let Us Help You Take It On!

RainbowThe rain has let up for a while but more storms are likely to be on their way this winter. A weather phenomenon that often wreaks havoc on Southern Nevada has returned once again.

El Niño is back!

El Niños normally bring wetter and cooler weather to the desert. This year’s version of El Niño is expected to be one of the strongest ever. The persistent rain that fell over the week after the New Year is just a taste of what we may expect until this spring.

So if you think you may have an issue with your roof, or if you’ve already noticed discoloration in your ceilings or other signs of water intrusion, don’t wait around to get your roof repaired. Waiting won’t make your roof get any better and stronger storms with heavier rains may be on their way!

The roof repair and roof tune-up experts at Cooper Roofing & Solar can make sure that your roof is ready to take on El Niño!

If your roof is more than a few years old, even if you’ve never had an issue, there may be some detail areas that need attention and maintenance to be certain your roof remains 100% waterproof. That’s where our Roof Tune-Up can come in handy.

If you’ve already had water leaking into your house, don’t wait a minute longer! Your roof protects your home and all its contents against damage.

Even minor roof issues can lead to major problems and massive expenses if not addressed. Don’t hesitate to make sure your roof is ready to take on El Niño!

If you need a Roof Tune-Up or repair, call us today 702-688-7940!

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