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Everything Old Is New Again

4St Jude'sSometimes a roof just needs a fresh start!

When St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City needed new roofs on three of its buildings, they knew whom they could trust – Cooper Roofing & Solar, the most-trusted roofing contractor in Southern Nevada!

These three buildings, which house those St. Jude’s serves, were built in 1938. St. Jude’s took possession of the site in 1967. While these may not be the original roofs, they’ve been installed for quite some time.

The clay tile installed on the roofs is the perfect look for the site and for the area. Over the years dirt, leaves, branches and other debris collected between the roof underlayment and the tile. In many areas the underlayment itself had been damaged or deteriorated and new underlayment was installed over the entire tile roof.

A hive of bees had even been built in a nearby plant with members of the hive hanging out under the tile on the roof and along the rake (side) edge. This added an additional element of interest to our crew.

Reroofing these homes – cleaning the surfaces beneath the tile, installing new underlayment and reinstalling the clay tile – preserves the look while restoring the integrity of the roofs.

We’ve already begun work on the remainder of the project and we’ll keep you updated as work on the other buildings proceeds.

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