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Giving Back Continues After the Holidays

10NPHY2Giving back to the communities that have helped make our success possible is one of the foundations of what we do at Cooper Roofing & Solar.

The holidays are a season of giving and many people devote a great deal of time and effort in helping charitable projects and organizations during that time. Now the holidays are over, there may be a tendency to reduce our charitable efforts.

But the needs that our giving during the holidays helps to alleviate haven’t gone away now that the holiday decorations have returned to storage. They’re still there and in some cases are even more pressing than before.

Allow us to highlight some of the projects we’ve been involved with over the last several months. We encourage you to support these projects and the organizations we’ve highlighted below.

In the coming weeks we will be spotlighting even more community efforts we are supporting and projects we are involved in and encourage everyone to support and become involved in.

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