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Homebuilders Celebrate the Resurgence of the Industry

Silver Nugget Awards RecapLas Vegas is back, baby!

And what’s more Vegas than to celebrate the occasion with a party. Of sorts.

The Silver Nugget Awards, held late last month, were an occasion for the homebuilding industry to honor its best. But this particular ceremony did more than tat.

As the inaugural edition of the Silver Nugget Awards, this year’s ceremony has added significance. Being the first of its kind, replacing a ceremony that took a hiatus about a decade ago, the awards mark the resurgence of the homebuilding industry, and also the comeback of the economy in Las Vegas.

“Homebuilding as much as any single industry in our community has suffered because of the economic downturn that struck Southern Nevada,” [Southern Nevada Homebuilders Assocation CEO and executive director Nat Hodgson] said after the ceremony. “Those builders who hung in there and kept going became even stronger.

“I think any industry — when it rewards its own — does so in the belief that the industry should stand up to its own critics, its own challenges and its own champions,” he said. “What I believe the Silver Nugget Awards did was to create new champions for others in the homebuilding industry; to believe it could be them one day.”

We are very excited about our role in the awards ceremony. Not only was Cooper Roofing & Solar a Silver Sponsor of the awards, as we highlighted previously, our president, Scott Donnelly, was honored to be able to present two of the awards.

Dennis Shavor of Pardee Homes won the Construction Superintendent of the Year and Irene Elicerio earned the Customer Service Representative of the Year, the two awards presented by Scott.

Cooper Roofing & Solar honors the winners of the Silver Nugget Awards with the ad at the top of this post, which appears in the Las Vegas Business Press this week – on the inside back cover!

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