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Homes to Help the Homeless

Playhouse8The 2015 HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Project Playhouse Pet Edition is in the books and Cooper Roofing & Solar once again participated in the construction of several of the homes.

Working with home builder clients and several of our fellow subcontractors, we helped bring these homes together, for the enjoyment of the local pets and their owners who won the drawings for these pet playhouses.

As usual, the playhouses were constructed of the best and most advanced products available. For our part, we installed things like copper metal, standing seam metal roofing, deck coatings and many other types of materials to make these homes the luxurious pet abodes they are designed to be.

Project Playhouse Pet Edition is an event to raise funds for HomeAid Southern Nevada and its efforts to assist the homeless.

The idea is to raise both money and awareness, said Caitlin Shea, HomeAid’s executive director.

“Homelessness is not a glamorous topic, and it can be kind of overwhelming for people to understand,” Shea said. “They think of the person on the side of the road with a sign. But this is a chance to let people know the homeless are just like you and me — they lost a job, or had a tremendous illness and lost everything. They have amazing stories, and most of them want to be contributing, successful members of society.”

The Review-Journal article linked above also has a gallery of pictures of assorted playhouses. Interestingly enough, all of the homes featured in the pictures are ones that Cooper Roofing & Solar helped to build.

Below you can see some of our work on the Patrick’s Pad entry as it happened. Patrick’s Pad just happens to be the only home we worked on that is not pictured in the RJ gallery.

HomeAid Southern Nevada’s Facebook page has more pictures of the completed homes and some of the raffle winners.

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