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John E Carson Renovation Is Downtown Project Success Story

Once described as the “pride and joy of the Downtown Project” the John E Carson renovation has become another source of pride downtown since its completion.

Doughnuts, dining, juice bar, tattoo parlor, and more are all under one roof.

It might seem strange, but it is working for a handful of downtown businesses all invested in each other’s success.

The businesses are all housed in the John E. Carson Hotel and they are being hailed as a Downtown Project success story.

The businesses housed within the newly-renovated building are taking an interest in and working for the success of each other.

One of the joys of working in the construction industry is being able to see the tangible results of your work. In this case, the intangible results, business owners working together to help each other succeed in a project Cooper Roofing & Solar helped bring to life, are just as satisfying.

SinglePly19While the story states the building looks the same from the outside, that’s true only from the street-level view.

The building was completely reroofed. Cooper Roofing & Solar replaced the existing hot asphalt roof with a Duro-Last single-ply roof over a layer of insulation (see Single-ply roofing pictures below).

A forest of units for air conditioning and other needs were also added to the roof surface. One roofing expert declared this roof to contain more units than he had ever seen on a roof this size before.

The second-story deck across the side of the building facing 6th street was completely re-roofed and balconies were added in several areas, including the section of the building that is now the patio area of the Carson Kitchen.

Deck24Finish work on the decks proceeded at break-neck pace as the opening date of Carson Kitchen neared. Our crews even worked well past dark on Saturday night to apply coats of decking material to help the project come in on time.

Safety was a major consideration on the John E Carson project, not only for the workers from Cooper Roofing & Solar. Use of the proper fall protection was essential as the roof contained no parapet walls or railings that would have provided natural protection against a fall.

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic was common around the building and some of the businesses inside the newly-renovated project were open before all of the work on the building was complete. Cordoning off areas while roofing work was proceeding was a necessity to protect passersby. Also, proper adherence to procedures for collecting and disposing of the debris generated by the roofing process was essential.

The John E Carson is truly a Downtown Project success story and Cooper Roofing & Solar is proud to have played a part in it.

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