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Las Vegas New Homes Show “Steady Upward Trend”

Good news for the Las Vegas economy as well as for housing and construction.

Las Vegas builders continue selling more homes than last year in a “slow, stable” uptick in activity, according to a new report.

Builders sold 583 new homes in Southern Nevada last month, bringing the year’s tally through July to 3,576 sales, up 12 percent from the same period in 2014, Home Builders Research reported Monday.

We’re honored to have made a contribution to this trend.

Cooper Roofing & Solar is the largest and most-trusted residential roofing company in Southern Nevada. Our commitments to quality and service have made us the top choice among home builders in Southern Nevada.

Our versatility is a definite plus. In addition to being the experts in concrete tile, we are skilled in single-ply, metal, shingles and virtually every other roofing system known to humankind. And we don’t just install roofing but just about every element that goes with the roof as well – rooftop solar systems, gutters, skylights, deck coatings, and a lot more.

With everything we do, we deliver the unequalled dedication to quality and service that our customers have come to expect. As the new home market in Las Vegas has grown, more and more home builders have concluded that Cooper Roofing & Solar is the way to go for their roofing needs!

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