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Let the Sun Shine In!

SunTunnel2-8With over 300 days of sunlight each year, Southern Nevada has the ideal climate for skylights to provide their optimum benefits. Increase your comfort and reduce your power bills at the same time!

Cooper Roofing & Solar offers a variety of skylights to fit any space any function or any need.

The Velux SUN TUNNEL™ is an energy efficient option to bring natural light into your home. It can brighten the darkest room while eliminating the harsh color shifts of incandescent and florescent bulbs. You can transform any space in your home with natural daylight from above.

The SUN TUNNEL™ is the perfectSunTunnel2-10 solution for an existing home. With the interior trim kit, exterior flashing kit and tunnel for the attic, installation is just as convenient after a home has been completed as it is during construction. With the SUN TUNNEL™ tinted exterior dome and interior light diffuser, you’ll get the benefit of all the light but with none of the heat during our long, hot summer days!

Cooper Roofing & Solar is the only 5-star Velux installer in Southern Nevada.

With our SUN TUNNEL™ installations, we also include the tile flashing kits that are not normally contained in the packages purchased from a retail outlet. This kit ensures waterproof performance on the concrete and clay tile roofs that cover the vast majority of homes in Southern Nevada.

SunTunnel1-1 SunTunnel1-2

We also provide a variety of other styles, colors and types of skylights, with expert installation from our skilled craftsmen. We’ll make sure your new skylight not only performs as intended but that the integrity of the roof around it remains solid.

Skylights are an excellent way to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight in Southern Nevada and save on your utility bills at the same time. As with everything else we do, Cooper Roofing & Solar is the most-trusted contractor to make sure that your skylights are installed to the highest standards and come with our unparalleled commitment to quality and customer service.

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