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Residence Inn 18

Looking Back…And Looking Up

We’re all looking forward to a spectacular new year! As we conclude the first week of 2017, we’ll start to take a look back at some of the projects we worked on in 2016. One interesting project Cooper Roofing & Solar completed in 2016 causes us to look even further back…and way up.

The Residence Inn on South Las Vegas Boulevard is a 4-story structure topped by a pitched roof but also with some flat roof areas thrown in for good measure. We installed concrete tile on the pitched roofs and TPO on the flat roof sections.

Cooper Roofing & Solar began work on this project over a year ago and completed the bulk of the roofing work in 2015. However, a lot more goes into a building of this size and the full project wasn’t completed and the facility wasn’t open for business until the summer of 2016.

This project presented a number of unique and challenging features. The most prominent challenge was the sheer height of the structure. Working at four stories (and higher as the roof pitches up) changes the game regarding equipment, installation specifications, planning, and, of course, safety.

The roof pitch of this building at that height magnified some of the challenges. But it’s nothing we hadn’t encountered before and the experience of our people showed through. The performed with flying colors, as the final product displays.

The completion of this project represents another place for visitors to Las Vegas to reside in in comfort during their stays – so businesspeople can remain productive and tourists can fully enjoy the experiences Southern Nevada has to offer. It also represents another outstanding performance by the people of Cooper Roofing & Solar!

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