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More Than Meets the Eye

There’s a lot more to a solar system than meets the eye.

While the familiar panels (a.k.a., “modules”) are the most prominent and recognizable part of a solar system, there are many, many other pieces and parts that comprise a system.

Of course there are wires to carry the electricity produced, as well as boxes, conduit, nuts, bolts and all sorts of other various elements. In addition, each panel or group of panels must have a structure to support and stabilize it.

The base of this structure consists of a grid of posts that secure it in place. Since these posts attach to the roof structure they are prime areas for unwanted water intrusion.

Preventing this unwelcome situation is a major focus of any rooftop solar installation, or at least it should be! In many cases, each post must have an individual “boot” installed that keeps it waterproof and preserves the integrity of the roof.

No one knows more or is more experienced at preventing water intrusion and protecting the integrity of a roof than the people at Cooper Roofing & Solar!

On one recent project we installed boots on nearly 300 posts for a solar system! It’s a very meticulous and detailed process but there’s no one better prepared, better-trained or more committed to doing things right than the members of the Cooper Roofing & Solar family.

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