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Need a Job? The Construction Industry is Hiring!

The construction industry across the country, and especially in Nevada, is continuing to grow and looking for skilled workers.

According to the National Association of Home Builders’s Eye on Housing website, residential construction employment grew again in November in the US and the number of unfilled construction jobs nationally remained above 200,000, an elevated level.

The open position rate (job openings as a percent of total employment) for October was 3%. On a smoothed twelve-month moving average basis, the open position rate for the construction sector increased to 2.7%, setting a cycle high and surpassing the top twelve-month moving average rate established prior to the recession.

Recent employment reports, both nationally and in Nevada, show strong employment growth in the industry.

Monthly employment data for November 2016 (the employment count data from the BLS establishment survey are published one month ahead of the JOLTS data) indicate that home builder and remodeler net hiring jumped significantly, as sector employment increased by 19,600…Over the last 12 months home builders and remodelers have added 120,000 jobs on a net basis. Since the low point of industry employment following the Great Recession, residential construction has gained 658,000 positions.

The construction industry was hit especially hard by the Great Recession. But employment growth has been some of the strongest of any economic sector during the last few years.

In Nevada, the number of both residential and commercial construction projects has been growing and companies are looking for more and more skilled people to help them meet demand.

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