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On the Bunker: Unique, Challenging Project Right Up our Alley

You’re unlikely to find many homes that will draw more attention than this one and not just because it was featured in an article in Nevada’s largest newspaper.

This custom home, known by some as the “bunker” house, is definitely one-of-a-kind in Las Vegas. The uniqueness started with the concrete roof and walls, rather than the wood frame construction common in the area. But it didn’t stop there.

The 12” thick concrete on the home, built by TNM Construction for a former Pentagon employee, not only had to be waterproofed but also protected. With a foot of landscaping soil, rocks and plants on the roof, rather than the twice-yearly rainfalls we have in Las Vegas this roof could be exposed to moisture 24/7/365 as the plants above it require water to survive.

As unique as the outside is, the interior of the home is an amazing yet fairly normal 3,600-square-foot space. While not lacking in size, obviously, the generous openness and flow from entry to main room back to kitchen is like a well-appointed command center with the library, master (jetted tub and temperature-controlled shower) and two compact bedrooms tucked nicely away for privacy and to lessen ambient noise. Krebs was very meticulous in choosing the paint, tile, granite and cabinets (a beautiful style in light gray-blue), etc. He blamed his engineering background for his meticulousness.

Protecting all of these from the elements was the job of Cooper Roofing & Solar, using materials from W. R. Meadows.

Krebs completeNot only did we have to make certain the walls and roof were waterproof but the watertight material had to be protected from being punctured or compromised by the landscaping material on top of the roof.

The system chosen for this project was W. R. Meadows Mel-Rol waterproofing membrane. Mel-Rol provides waterproofing on the walls. W. R. Meadows Mel-Drain outside of the Mel-Rol protects the waterproofing and “allows the passage of moisture through the fabric while preventing fine soils from entering the drainage channel.”

The concrete roof was waterproofed with W. R. Meadows Hydralastic with Mel-Drain installed on top to protect and facilitate drainage.

The completed home remains an attraction for passers-by. Though our work is no longer visible, covered by a foot of landscaping, Cooper Roofing & Solar’s expertise on a unique and challenging project continues to shine through.

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