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Prepare for the Next Storm

Storms ravaged Clark County earlier this week. Some areas received a year’s worth of rainfall in less than two hours.

As these storms raged, the power of water was on full display. Roads were washed out, homes and buildings damaged, cars washed off of roadways. The danger and devastation were displayed on television newscasts and across social media.

Now the storms have receded it’s time to repair the damage and prepare for the future.

While engineers are evaluating roads and bridges, homeowners would be well-served to take a look at their homes. Even if you didn’t get hit with the worst of the storm, it’s best to prepare for the next one.

If you discover any of the tell-tale signs of roof problems or think it’s time for a new one, give the experts at Cooper Roofing & Solar a call.

We can evaluate your roof and help you decide the best course of action to fit your needs and your budget. With the most experience and best training in the industry we can get your roof in shape to weather the storms for years to come.

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