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TenOakCustom14When people invest in their home, they expect the best. Custom homebuilders know that when they have Cooper Roofing & Solar on the project, they’ll get the best in quality and service all in one.

A recent custom home in the western portion of the Las Vegas valley is a perfect example. The single-story home’s roof contained a number of different design elements, which presented an excellent opportunity for Cooper Roofing & Solar.

Our versatility was on full display. We installed the concrete tile, the single-ply on the flat roof areas, the Velux SUN TUNNELS™ for the natural light inside, the cap metal on top of the walls around the flat roofs, as well as the metal roofing on this home!

Having workers skilled in so many different types of roofing is certainly an advantage for us and a benefit for our clients. Being able to take care of virtually everything above the roof line reduces the hassles for homebuilders and homeowners by reducing the number of contractors they have to coordinate with.

The SUN TUNNELS™ provide beautiful natural light as the picture below shows. Lighting this hallway, even during the day, would require multiple electric lights, adding to the monthly living costs to the homeowner. With the SUN TUNNELS™, this hallway is filled with natural light, which is also much more pleasing to the eyes.

The metal roofing on this home greatly enriches its curb appeal. The color of the metal is the perfect enhancement to the color scheme of the home and, with Cooper Roofing & Solar’s skilled craftsman, the aesthetic value is maximized. And, of course, with unsurpassed experience and skill in tile roof installation, we are the tile roofing experts. Put them all together and it’s a package that can’t be beat!

Versatility, quality and service – we can bring it all to top off your custom home roof!

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