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Re-roofing Las Vegas Just Off the Strip

Spring Mtn1 2With the high-rise casinos of the Las Vegas Strip just a few blocks away forming the backdrop, Cooper Roofing & Solar recently reroofed the first of two commercial buildings in Las Vegas.

The existing roofs on these “tilt-up” structures consisted of built-up roofing with a granulated cap sheet surface material. As is typical with hot asphalt-applied roofing systems like this, the desert sun had done a number on these roofs over the years.

Although this roof did have some long, straight, fairly-uninterrupted runs, there were also a number of elements that added challenges.

All of the air conditioning units were surrounded by fencing that had to be moved in order to install the new roofing. Several antennae with an array of equipment and the wires necessary to power them, as well as platforms supporting them, were present on the roof.

There were also several areas where the existing roof had bubbled, cracked and/or failed. In addition, walking pads and other elements had to be removed to ensure a relatively flat surface over which to install the new system.

Spring Mtn1 23The new roofing material the Cooper Roofing & Solar crew installed is Duro-Last single ply. The Duro-Last product was secured over a barrier sheet separating the old roof and the new material. The Duro-Last material is mechanically-fastened with the seams heat-welded to prevent water intrusion.

This building and its companion are each more than 20,000 square feet and house a variety of businesses that had to remain operating while Cooper Roofing & Solar performed the reroofing work. So our people working on the project had to be as minimally-intrusive as possible, including leaving access to loading areas in the alley between the two buildings.

Single-ply roofing systems, like Duro-Last, are especially tailored for this circumstance. Their installation does not require the same type of equipment and processes that produce the sights, sounds and smells of more traditional roofing products. The business owners and their customers don’t even notice we are there!

But one thing they will notice is that the issues associated with the old roof are gone.

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