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Record Rainfall in Las Vegas! Has Your Roof Passed the Test?

Southern Nevada has been hammered by record downpours with flash flooding all throughout April and May.

This record-setting rain put roofs to the test. If your roof didn’t pass, be sure to contact the experts at Cooper Roofing & Solar online or on the phone (702-688-7940)! You could be in need of a roof repair, reroof or Roof Tune-up.

Ignoring issues with your roof won’t make them go away. Minor issues today can become major problems (with major expenses!) in the future.

Don’t wait for a catastrophe, get prepared.

According to the National Weather Service, April, May and June are normally the driest months of the year in our area. This means we could be in store for even bigger storms during this summer’s monsoon season! There’s still time but you’ll need to act fast!

Cooper Roofing & Solar are the repair, reroof and Roof Tune-up specialists. Our experienced workmen have the knowledge and skills to diagnose your roof’s issues and rectify the underlying problems, saving you significant costs (and headaches) in the future.

We are experienced in working on virtually every type of roof common in Southern Nevada – tile, shingles, single-ply, metal, and more.

And if your roof is keeping the water out of your home but draining in areas that are causing problems – gutters may be the answer. We offer continuous gutters in a variety of colors with the same quality and service that have earned us the title of Most-Trusted Roofing Contractor!

If your roof isn’t functioning as it should, call Cooper Roofing & Solar for the cure!

You can reach us online or on the phone (702-688-7940).

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