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Reroof Is Just the Right Prescription to Prepare This Home for Monsoon Season

Heavy rains, flash floods, walls of water rushing down streets – monsoon season in Southern Nevada can bring weather not often seen in the area, and dangers along with it.

We’ve already had one major storm this summer and, though the near term forecast looks clear, there are doubtless more on the way.

There’s now one fewer Southern Nevada resident who will have to worry when the skies begin to cloud up during monsoon season. We recently completed a Las Vegas reroof as shown in the pictures below.

While in some cases a new roof may be installed over the top of an existing shingle roof or flat roof, for obvious reasons, that is not possible with tile. However, in some cases the existing tile can be salvaged and reused. On this particular Las Vegas reroof we were able to save and reuse the existing concrete tile, to preserve the look of the home and allow the owners to realize some cost savings on the project.

There are many steps residents of Southern Nevada can take to prepare themselves for monsoon season. One that may help protect your property and your investment in your home goes unmentioned in this piece.

Having your roof checked by Cooper Roofing & Solar can save you from the major expenses that can result from water intrusion during heavy rains. A leaky roof can cause severe problems when the monsoon rains fall.

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