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Roof Repair and Safe Solar Installation

Roof Repair after Solar Install

When it comes to rooftop solar installation, the process can become a bit intimidating whether you are a first-time or longtime solar user–and rightfully so. Any roofing work should not be taken lightly, let alone a service like solar. Safe, durable solar panel installations demand that workers take the positioning of the panels and the overall health of the roof into account. While many solar companies have taken steps to improve their onsite work, proper roofing and electric work are not services that can be learned overnight. Instead of contracting multiple firms to take care of one project or repair a roof compromised during a solar install, call a business that specializes in solar and is experienced in both roofing work and electrical.

Cooper Roofing & Solar has been providing reliable commercial and residential services to the Las Vegas area for many years. In addition to being Las Vegas’ premier roofing contractor, we are also pleased to have become one of the valley’s leaders in solar installation. With the increasing popularity of alternative energy solutions, the solar industry has developed into a substantial part of Nevada’s construction boom and our own business. Our team brings decades of experience and commitment to each project, and our extensive background in roofing, insulation, and electrical services allows us to provide comprehensive care to homes and businesses that are adopting solar energy. This reduces the risk of damage and ensures that clients never have to reach out to more than one company to fulfill their order.

We have seen far too many examples of roofing damage caused by improper solar work, and our team is equipped to repair the roof and check the integrity of the solar panels to prevent further issues. Our dedication to producing efficient, durable, and exact results always has allowed us to expand our services, making solar installation an integral part of Cooper and giving us an opportunity to assist even more families across Southern Nevada. If your home or business has suffered damage from a solar install, there is still hope! No one should have to choose between having a healthy roof or having solar; we are available to help, and we will work to restore your roof to its original condition with the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Don’t tear your roof apart trying to get the perfect solar system. Call the roofing and solar experts at Cooper and set off on the path to energy independence!

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