Got Metal? We Do!

Full sheet metal fabrication shop 1Cooper Roofing & Solar, LLC has onsite, state-of-the-art, full-service Sheet Metal Fabrication Shops in both Nevada and Texas. These allow us to manufacture all of our own sheet metal roof components, controlling the quality and availability of a vital element.

This vertical integration helps ensure we can keep your project on time and on budget while maintaining the quality you expect from Cooper Roofing & Solar.

We are able to cut, bend, form and solder metal to accommodate virtually any roof style. We also construct custom Copper, Bonderized and Painted metal products in various gauges to fit just about anything you could possibly need. Special orders don’t upset us!

Not only do we produce our own Valley Metal, Eave Riser, Drip Edge and other roofing metal products, we also install prefabricated metal roofing and wall panels.

If you need metal, we have it!

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