Use the Summer Sun to Your Advantage!

Cooper Roofing & Solar is a leading installer of rooftop solar systems. Our expertise extends both to new construction and retrofit systems.

We install completely self-sustained solar systems that allow our customers to use the frequent rays of the Sun to help them slash their utility bills. Las Vegas and the southern Nevada area get more than 300 sunny days a year and most major metropolitan regions in Texas are greeted by the sun’s rays well over 200 days per year. Solar power is the most efficient way to reap the rewards of these sunny days.

What else can we do for you?

Cooper Roofing & Solar’s systems do much more than provide relief from high utility bills. Whether they are installed during construction and interlaced with the tiles or installed on an existing roof just above the roof line, our solar systems can be designed to improve visual quality of your roof as well as your energy efficiency.  Solar panel installation no longer has to be an arduous procedure or result in an eye-sore, and the reliability and relevance of solar energy will only continue to improve with technological advances.

In some areas, we are able to provide plumbing and electrical services for our solar panel installs as well, saving you from the hassle of having to schedule multiple contractors to get your system completed.

Contact the experts today and find out how a new solar system from Cooper Roofing & Solar can help ease the strain on your budget and enhance your home’s visual appeal!

About Cooper Roofing & Solar

Cooper Roofing & Solar, LLC is the most trusted and respected roofing company in the industry and we have been serving homeowners since 1976. Our craftsmen are knowledgeable and experienced and we use only top-rated high-quality materials. In short, we are your best resource for giving your roof the professional attention it needs to achieve maximum longevity.