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Thank Heaven for the World’s Best!

Nothing lasts forever. And that includes a roof. No matter how well designed and installed, each roof will eventually reach the end of its natural life.

A knowledgeable, trustworthy roofer specializing in reroofs can be something to thank the heavens for! That’s where Cooper Roofing & Solar comes in.

This particular reroof is just one of several reroofs of 7-Eleven store buildings around the Las Vegas area being completed by Cooper Roofing & Solar. As you may remember, we’ve installed roofs on the new construction of multiple 7-Eleven stores as well.

The reroofs are being installed using Duro-Last single-ply roofing. Duro-Last touts its system as “The World’s Best Roof” and has the performance to back up the claim.

Regardless of the project, each comes with its own set of challenges. Stores such as these generally contain numerous units on the roof to facilitate the comfort of customers and staff as well as to keep food items at the proper storage temperatures.

In addition to the units themselves, each of these units normally is accompanied by several penetrations bringing power, water and/or other items necessary for the unit’s proper functioning. As with all roofing, the most common area for susceptibility to leaks is where there are penetrations. Therefore, the more units on a roof, the more areas needing special attention and the more important is the crew’s dedication to ensuring quality installation.

Dedication to a quality installation is one of the hallmarks of Cooper Roofing & Solar. Our status as a Master Elite Contractor for Duro-Last is testament to that dedication.

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