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St Jude's 35

Transforming Lives, One (or More) Roof(s) at a Time

For more than four decades, St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Boulder City has been transforming “the lives of abused and at-risk children, young adults and families.” But, as is common among charitable organizations, resources are scarce and every dollar spent on buildings and other capital projects is a dollar that can’t be spent pursuing the mission and helping those who need it.

So when we got the chance to put our expertise to work improving the facilities at St. Jude’s while minimizing the financial impact on this great organization, we were eager to help.

You may remember that last year we reroofed a few of the residences at St. Jude’s. This year, the project was much larger, in many ways.

On the more recent project, we reroofed 5 buildings at St. Jude’s – 3 cottages housing children ranging from infant to young adult, an early learning center and the therapy building. We also worked with a much larger group of partners on the project.

Cooper Roofing & Solar donated labor to complete these reroofs and teamed with our friends at Boral Roofing, who provided the concrete roofing tile that was used on these buildings. The building reroofs were performed as part of a shelter build project by HomeAid Southern Nevada, which was also aided by Warmington Residential.

On the reroofs performed last year, we re-installed the existing clay tile, replacing only those pieces that were not reusable after being removed. On this project, because of Boral Roofing’s generosity, we installed brand new concrete tile on these buildings. The old clay tile was removed from these roofs and stacked on pallets (as shown in one of the photos below).

The underlayment was replaced and new concrete tile installed to complete the pitched roofs. In addition, single-ply roofing was installed in flat roof areas.

We also installed gutters and downspouts on the cottages to aid roof drainage and avoid water draining onto patio and courtyard areas, improving the living experiences for the residents.

We are proud to contribute to improving the lives of the children who call St. Jude’s home and to help this great organization focus on pursuing its mission instead of worrying about its roofs.

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