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Unique and Challenging: Right up Our Alley!

WP5Thousands of homes are built in the Las Vegas area each year. Virtually all of them are constructed on a concrete slab with wood framing and roof decking.

There are many reasons why this is so, including cost and climate factors. And there are an almost infinite range of design possibilities using these.

But when home builders and homeowners want something unique, far different from the norm, Cooper Roofing & Solar is the company they call – as the distinctive design and construction of this particular home demonstrates.

This project featured many challenging elements and it was certainly unique. (Stay tuned to find out how unique!)

It began with waterproofing of the walls. The multi-step process to complete that portion of the work is shown in the pictures below.

Why waterproof the walls of a home? Again, stay tuned for more on that.

The walls were constructed of 12” thick concrete. Whereas most homes in the Las Vegas area have plywood for the deck substrate on the roof, this home’s roof was also built of concrete!

Check out scenes from these initial stages of this home’s roofing and waterproofing below. And check back here to find out even more about how it all came together!

To be continued…

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