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We Know Jack!

18JIB1Jack knows quite a bit, too. He knows that when you need a new roof in Las Vegas you call the most-trusted Las Vegas roofing contractor to get the job done right.

A recent Las Vegas reroof completed by Cooper Roofing & Solar was part of an extensive remodel of a Jack In The Box restaurant on West Spring Mountain Road. One segment of the overall project required the large walls (shrouds) above the roofline to be removed and placed on the ground. During the period the shrouds were off of the roof we came in and installed the new roofing system.

We installed a tapered insulation system to give the roof slope to drain properly. Because of varying thicknesses and tapers, the insulation was sort of like a giant jigsaw puzzle, with each piece only able to be used in a certain place. Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, though, the pieces were marked and a layout sheet provided that allowed us to place each one in the correct spot.

The new roofing system was completed with a Duro-Last single-ply membrane. Cooper Roofing & Solar is an authorized contractor for Duro-Last, touted as “The World’s Best Roof,” and has extensive experience installing Duro-Last roofing systems on commercial projects.

The project required strict coordination with other trade contractors and was governed by an extremely tight schedule. Because of the scope of the remodel the restaurant remained closed during the project, so every day the project continued the restaurant was not able to generate any income.

Because of the tight schedule manpower was key. But, of course, Cooper Roofing & Solar has the trained and qualified personnel to handle any project.

Multiple crews were employed and, at times, it seemed as though there was barely enough room on the roof for all the roofers! As usual, though, proper coordination by Cooper Roofing & Solar employees resulted in the completion of a great project.

Stay tuned for more on Duro-Last and Jack In The Box!

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